November 16-18, 2005

ITEM 129-1601-R1105  Authorization to Expend up to $120,000 of Student Computer Fees; The University of Montana-Western

THAT: The Board of Regents authorizes The University of Montana Western to expend up to $120,000 of Student Computer Fees for renewal and replacement of current computer labs and to purchase a print management solution.

EXPLANATION: This expenditure will provide $100,000 for updating two existing labs: the Office Simulation Center and a Mac lab in the Swysgood Technology Center. These computer labs are specified as the next progression in Western's Renewal and Replacement Plan.

It will also provide $20,000 for a Print Management System for Western's students. The purpose of the Print Management System will be to ensure an equitable distribution of printing resources for all students at Western.

Board of Regents' policy 940.23 requires Board approval of all purchases over $25,000. The Student Computer Fee Committee, whose membership includes 50 percent students as required by Board Policy, endorses this request.