November 16-18, 2005

Board of Regents Policy: Physical Plant B Section 1003.7

This Authority request is for an amount greater than $150,000, which requires the following additional information:

(a) Project Description:

This project encompasses renovation of the basement, and several upper floors (approx 13,500 gross square feet) to house microbiology research laboratories, lab support spaces and offices.

(b) Cost Estimate and Funding Sources:

          Estimated Cost

          Design/Construction Admin $440,000

          Construction $4,160,000

          Contingency $400,000

          Total Estimate $5,000,000

          Funding Source: This project will be financed with $4,000,000 in NIH grant funds and $1,000,000 in non-state Facilities and Administrative (F&A) funds recovered from externally funded grants and contracts.

(c) Program served, enrollment data, projected enrollment:

The occupants of the proposed facility will consist primarily of microbiology research programs; however the integration of the research and teaching enterprise is crucial to the success of MSUs undergraduate and graduate programs. Involvement in undergraduate research has been critical to the success of all of our Goldwater scholarship winners in the sciences. There are approximately 58 microbiology undergraduate majors, 50 medical lab sciences undergraduate majors, 10 environmental health undergraduate majors, and 9 biotechnology undergraduate majors, and over 25 graduate students. Students from all levels assist with funded research and interact closely with faculty conducting research. Grant and contract expenditures by the Microbiology Department were in excess of $3 million, not including the INBRE expenditures of $16.6 million distributed over 5 years. Cooley Lab includes space for genomics research and bioinformatics research and training, both of which are INBRE-supported, multi-user, multi-department activities.

(d) Space Utilization Data:

The ~13,500 gross SF renovation will include 76% assignable space, with ~90% of the assignable space consisting of lab and support spaces and ~10% offices.

(e) Projected use for available residual space:

All of the space anticipated to be renovated by this project is currently occupied and no residual space is expected.

(f) Projected O&M Costs and proposed funding sources:

The space to be renovated currently houses laboratory uses and the historic O&M costs are not expected to be significantly impacted by this project since the building is not being expanded; however, if marginal increases occur, they will be funded with non-state Facilities and Administrative (F&A) funds recovered from externally funded grants and contracts.