For the Montana University System


1)             Facilitate the transfer process for students who start at a two-year institution and decide to continue their education at a four-year institution.

2)             Develop multiple pathways that transfer students can follow to complete their post-secondary educational plans.  Those pathways may include course equivalency guides, articulation agreements, common learning outcomes, common coursework or course content, "block" transfers and other creative options.

3)             Reduce the number of credits that transfer students need to complete so that number is as close to the total number of credits required to earn a degree as possible. I.E., 60 - 72 credits for an associate degree and 120 - 128 for a baccalaureate degree, depending on the degree program.

4)             Develop policies and procedures that clarify and simplify the transfer process; and provide complete and comprehensive transfer information for students in the Montana University System.