January 11-12, 2006


ITEM 130-202-R0106  -  Approval of Proposal to Offer a Two-Year Associate of Applied Science Degree in Web Development


THAT:   The Board of Regents of Higher Education authorizes Dawson Community College (DCC) to award an Associate of Applied Science degree in Web Development to any student who completes the two year program.


EXPLANATION:  Dawson Community College requests approval to offer a two-year Associate of Applied Science Degree in Web Development.


The Web Development program addresses two of DCC's four purpose statements: 1) Acquiring Necessary Occupational Skills and 2) Promoting and Providing Life-Long Learning Opportunitiesas outlined in the college's mission and purpose statement.  Furthermore, Web Development and E-Commerce skills will provide the opportunity for students to remain in the state and utilize these skills in three ways:  entrepreneurship, contract-based Web design work, and enhanced employability.


A skilled labor pool is essential for economic development in Montana.  DCC is committed to addressing the educational needs of individuals and business entities within the local service area.  The Web Development program will provide students with the required training and skills for obtaining employment, or advancement in their fields of employment in the area of technology.  Also, the Web Development program will provide value-added employment skills for rural, place-bound or agricultural producers seeking supplemental income.


In keeping with the Board of Regents' goal of being responsive to market, employment, and economic development needs of the State and the nation, DCC recognizes that Web Development and E-commerce have become critical to the survival and success of business and industry in eastern Montana.