ITEM 130-2801-R0306                Authorization to Confer the Title of Professor Emeritus of Biology on Dr. Reno Parker, Montana State University-Northern


THAT:                                       Dr. Reno Parker, Professor of Biology at Montana State University-Northern until his retirement at the conclusion of the 2005 summer session, merits the title of Professor Emeritus for his exemplary teaching, research and service during his career at the University.


EXPLANATION:                        Dr. Parker joined the institution in 1988 as an Associate Professor of Biology.  He was promoted to Professor in 1994.  Before coming to Montana State University-Northern, Dr. Parker had held faculty appointments at Kent State University and at Huron College.  He had also held several research appointments, as an NIH-USPHS Postdoctoral Fellow at Rocky Mountain Laboratory, as a research scientist at Hamilton Biochemical Research Laboratory, and as a research scientist at the University of Montana.


During his tenure at Montana State University-Northern, Dr. Parker taught courses in anatomy and physiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, paleontology, freshwater biology, essence of science, undergraduate research, and graduate research methods.  He was recognized by students as a mentor in science research; undergraduate students regularly worked with Dr. Parker on his own ongoing research projects, and he advised and promoted a student Science Club.  He was also recognized by nursing students for his work to support science education in the institution�s Nursing program; in 2001 he received the Friend of Nursing Award from the Montana Nursing Association.


Dr. Parker�s colleagues recognized him as a leader in the development and promotion of the institution�s programs in science.  He served as Chair of the Science and Mathematics department from 1993 to 1998, and both before and after those dates participated in grant projects to strengthen the program�s research and teaching capabilities.  He also assisted in the development of science education programs at regional tribal colleges, and he actively promoted science education through his contacts with regional school educators.  For many years, he co-chaired a regional science fair for students in area schools.


Dr. Parker�s exemplary career as a teacher, his service as a mentor in research to students, and his efforts to promote science education at Montana State University-Northern and in the region, merit conferral of the title of Professor Emeritus of Biology.