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That MSU has executed a two-year lease for Relocation of the Montana Fire Services Training School to 2700 sq ft of space in the Wheat Building at 750 6th Street Southwest in Great Falls. Rent will total $45,140 for the period 9/03/2003 to 6/30/2005.



In 1999, in Great Falls, the MSU-Bozeman College of Nursing moved, along with some programs from MSU Northern, to join the College of Technology and the Fire Services Training School in order to place all MSU educational programs under one roof.  Because of the dramatic growth of enrollments at the MSU- Great Falls College of Technology (1140-1360) and MSU-Northern (63-160) and the modest enrollment increase in Great Falls of the MSU Bozeman nursing program (50-58), between 1999 and 2003, it was determined that, even in a one to three year horizon, it would no longer be possible to accommodate all MSU partners with the anticipated continuing enrollment increases and the current space constraints.  It was also determined that, because the College of Nursing and the Fire Services Training School are distinct programs, they could separate from the other programs with a minimum of disruption.

The Fire Services Training School has been located at Great Falls College of Technology since the construction of the current facility in 1976. Since shortly after that time, FSTS has not paid rent to the COT. Its current space must be vacated to make way for an expansion of the Library/Learning Center services at the COT, a move made necessary by rapidly expanding enrollments. Alternate space configurations were explored, but did not provide a real solution for the COT. Movement to another location in the Great Falls area was explored and suitable space was found. FSTS will move into the Grain Building space in early September 2003, but will continue to have access to classroom space at MSU-Great Falls

FSTS, MSU Extension and MSU-Bozeman will combine to handle moving, communication set-up and rent costs for FY 04 and FY 05. These are estimated at $62,217 in FY 04, which will be partially offset by a move of $49,000 from FY 03 to FY 04, and $29,743 in FY 05. A request to have rental funds added to the FSTS base budget will be made to the Legislature during its 2005 session.