TO:���������������������������� Board of Regents


FROM:���������������������� Richard A. Crofts

����������������������������������� Commissioner


SUBJECT:���������������� 2001 Legislative Agenda


DATE:����������������������� November 1, 2000



Just prior to each Legislative session I review with the Board of Regents the items (non-budget) we have identified to pursue during the upcoming session.� I have listed below this year�s legislative agenda developed in consultation with the Policy Committee.� While no formal action by the Board of Regents is required, I do believe it is important to document the Regents� knowledge of these issues.� As we move into and through the legislative session other issues may arise.� I will keep you informed about those issues as they come up.


Eight items comprise our legislative agenda at this time:



  1. Necessary revisions to the Family Education Savings Act to make it consistent with Federal tax code and regulation.


  1. Extend the Montana Tax credit for donations to our campus foundations.


  1. Statutory provision for faculty equity in start-up companies originated out of faculty research.� We are currently limited to licensing technology created by our faculty.� More incentives can be provided through creating an equity position.


  1. Efficiencies in restructuring campus telephone service.


  1. Ability to accommodate spousal hiring for recruitment purposes.� This would permit us to hire the spouse of an individual we were trying to recruit without the formal advertising process.


  1. Continued identification of the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education as the �sole state agency� for the administration of the Federal Perkins program.� See item 109-107-R1100 in the agenda (Old Business) for this meeting.


  1. Possible expansion of the High School Honors Scholarship Program.


  1. Statutory appropriation for the Tribal Colleges for non-beneficiary students who attend those institutions.