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Corrected: January 18, 2001


January 11, 2001


TO:���� �����������  Board of Regents


FROM:���������� Joyce A. Scott, Deputy Commissioner for Academic & Student Affairs


SUBJECT:����� Level I Announcements & Approvals



This memo is to inform you of the Level I changes in academic programs approved in the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education since the last meeting of the Board of Regents.� I will be happy to answer questions about these changes.


Montana State University-Bozeman


Request to offer lower-division nursing courses leading to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing in Great Falls and Missoula to approximately eight students and sixteen students respectively.� These students have completed necessary pre-requisite courses and expect to qualify for upper-division placement at one of the appropriate sites (Billings, Great Falls and Missoula).


Montana State University-Billings 


Request to deliver the Master�s Degree in Health Administration in Helena, Montana via on-line courses and interactive TV. The start date for delivery is proposed for Fall 2001.


Montana State University-Northern


Request to offer the Master of Science Degree in Learning Development in Helena, Montana in a cohort format beginning Spring 2001.�� Students who are practicing teachers in Helena sought to enroll in a similar program cohort in Great Falls but were too late in applying to be included in the limited number to be allowed.� Two teachers from Helena recruited colleagues to form another cohort for Helena, and MSU-Northern has 34 bona fide applicants to make of this group.


University of Montana-Missoula - Request from the University to defer action on this item until faculty committee has completed deliberations.


Request to complete program review recommendations for restructuring of the undergraduate major in Classics and delete the stand-alone major in Latin in favor of creating a Latin option under the existing Classics major.� This rounds out the options in Classics to three: classical languages, classical civilization and Latin.


Montana Tech of the University of Montana 


Request to establish an 18-credit hour minor in liberal studies under the bachelor of science degree program in liberal studies.


Request to implement a Northwest regional underground miner training program via collaboration between the College of Technology and Stillwater Mining Company.� This program will respond to shortages of workers in the underground mining industry, to a projected 48-percent retirement rate in the mining workforce over the next seven years, and the need to upgrade miner preparation in safety and equipment use.� Stillwater realizes higher worker retention with Montana residents than with others recruited from out of state and therefore wants to assist in developing a trained workforce here.� Students completing the 15-week program would be eligible for employment as apprentices with starting salaries around $40,000.


Request to change the names of� two options within the bachelor of science degree in business and information technology from management and information technology to management� and from technology and business development to entrepreneurship.


cc:�������Commissioner Crofts

Chief Academic Officers

Sherry Rosette