DATE:               March 1-3, 2006

TO:                   Montana Board of Regents

FROM:              Roger Barber, Deputy Commissioner for Academic & Student Affairs

RE:                   Level II Program Submissions

Several new academic programs, and program changes, were submitted to the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education in February, as part of the Level II approval process.  Those programs and changes will be reviewed by the academic officers at the Board of Regents' meeting in March, and may move to the action agenda of the Board in May 2006.    The proposals are as follows:


Flathead Valley Community College:

       ITEM 130-301-R0306: Flathead Valley Community College asked for permission to change the name of several of its current Certificates to Certificates of Applied Science.  The revision of Montana Board of Regents' Policy 301.12, which was part of the package of policies adopted last year in response to the Transfer of Credits audit, authorized another name for certificates.  I.E., Certificates of Applied Science.  Flathead Valley Community College has decided to use that designation for some of its certificate programs.  Ordinarily, a change in degree name requires a Level II request, with extensive documentation.  Since that documentation seems unnecessary and tedious, if the only change in the degree program is from Certificate to Certificate of Applied Science, I have "authorized" the campuses to forego that detail if they decide to take advantage of the recent policy change in names for certificate programs.   Flathead Valley Community College is the first to do so.  The certificate programs that will become Certificates of Applied Science are:  Accounting Technology; Building Trades; Business Administration; Goldsmithing Bench; Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration; Information Technology; Medical Coding; Medical Transcription; and Office Technology Clerical.  Request


Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology:

         ITEM 130-2851-R0306:  Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology requested permission to offer an Associate of Applied Science degree in Radiologic Technology.  The program will be developed in collaboration with Benefis Healthcare and the Great Falls Clinic.    Request    Summary   Proposal    Budget

        ITEM 130-2852-R0306:  Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology asked for authority to change its current Associate of Applied Science degree in Nursing to a Certificate of Practical Nursing, to comply with the model curriculum for Licensed Practical Nursing programs that was approved by the Montana Board of Regents in May 2005.  The Level II document also included information about course and program revisions that were part of the model curriculum.    Request    Summary    Proposal    Budget


Montana State University-Northern:

        ITEM 130-2804-R0306:  Montana State University-Northern requested permission to offer its Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering Technology in Great Falls, in collaboration with Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology.  The partnership is also described in the previous paragraph in this memorandum.    Request    Summary    Proposal    Budget


The University of Montana-Missoula:

    ITEM 130-1018-R0306:  The University of Montana-Missoula asked for authority to establish a minor in Irish Studies.   Request   Summary   Proposal


Montana Tech of The University of Montana

     ITEM 130-1503-R0306: Montana Tech of The University of Montana asked for authority to offer a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.   Montana Tech currently has an Option in Electrical Engineering, in both its Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in General Engineering.  This program request would change those options to stand-alone baccalaureate and graduate degrees.    Request    Summary    Proposal    Letters    Budget