MEMORANDUM                                                    November 20, 2003


TO: Montana Board of Regents

FROM: Roger Barber, Interim Deputy Commissioner for Academic and Student Affairs

SUBJECT: Level II Submission

The University of Montana - Missoula College of Technology

      Item 121-1002-R1103. The University of Montana-Missoula College of Technology seeks approval to convert its currently approved Associate of Applied Science program in Practical Nursing to a Certificate program in Practical Nursing; and to offer an Associate of Science degree leading to licensure as a Registered Nurse. This proposal is on the submission agenda, for informational purposes only, under the program approval process adopted by the Montana Board of Regents in July 2002. That process says that . . (C)ertificate or Associate Degree programs may be placed on submission at any Board of Regents meeting. They will be placed on action agendas at subsequent meetings. . .