October 23, 2001


TO:              Board of Regents

FROM:        Joyce A. Scott, Deputy Commissioner for Academic & Student Affairs

SUBJECT:    Level I Announcements & Approvals

This memo is to inform you of the Level I changes in academic programs approved in the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education since the last meeting of the Board of Regents. I will be happy to answer questions about these changes.

MSU-Great Falls College of Technology

Request from Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology to terminate the Associate of Applied Science degree in Occupational Therapy Assistant. The program was placed on moratorium in Spring 2000 due to low enrollments and limited employment projections. Since then, the number of students seeking admission to the program has been low, and there has not been a cohort sufficient to re-activate the program. A checklist documenting that the College has completed the necessary steps for termination of a program has been forwarded to you.


Montana State University-Billings College of Technology:

Request to add a one-year certificate program in Networking Technology as an exit point within the Computer Systems Technology AAS degree program. Courses from the first year of the Computer Systems Technology program will qualify students to sit for the Microsoft Professional and Server 2000 Certification and the Cisco Certified Networking Associate examinations.  Because preparation for these two certificates can be completed in the first year, a one-year certificate in Networking Technology would be an appropriate exit point within the Associate of Applied Science Computer Systems Technology degree program.

Request to delete the Paramedic Certificate program that is no longer appropriate by national standards for the number of hours now required for employment by most states. The AAS Paramedic program will remain as approved.

Request to change the title of the Associate in Applied Science in Microcomputer Operations to Business Software Applications to make the title more reflective of content and less confusing to prospective students.

Request to change the title of the Associate of Applied Science degree from Medical Secretary to Medical Administrative Assistant to reflect current practice in the majority of medical offices, hospitals, and clinics.

Dawson Community College:

Request to offer its Associate of Applied Science Degree in Early Childhood Education in Lewistown via interactive video from Glasgow.


Flathead Valley Community College:

Request to offer a Certificate in Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration for students seeking employment as entry-level HVAC/R technicians. The technical curriculum consists of the basic knowledge needed to successfully perform at the entry-level: 12 semester credits earned through Internet classes, 17 semester credits taught by FVCC faculty directly associated with technical program requirements, and 15 semester credits in general education. The program proposal is in response to and in cooperation with local businesses.

Request to offer a Certificate in Call Center Specialist at the request of Stream International and other employers in the Flathead Valley. This program will give students the background to work in a call center. Although Stream has a training facility, they prefer employees with some background knowledge and an online program that can be used for training throughout the United States and Canada.

Request to offer the Associate of Applied Science Call Center Manager, also being developed at the request of Stream International. The purpose of this degree program is to give students the background to become a supervisor or manager of a call center. It includes management classes as well as the necessary skills to work in a call center.


Pc:      Commissioner Crofts

S. Rosette

Presidents, Chancellors, Deans

Chief Academic Officers