Montana Board of Regents

Level I Program Change Request



INSTITUTION:_________________________________________     ITEM NO.:______________________________     


PROGRAM:_________________________________________      DATE:___________________________________     


Level I proposals include campus initiatives typically characterized by (a) minimal costs; (b) clear adherence to approved campus mission; and (c) the absence of significant programmatic impact on other institutions within the Montana University System and community colleges.


Action Requested (check all that apply):

1.   Re-title existing majors, minors, options.

2.  Eliminate existing major, minor, option via a Program Termination Checklist

3.  Add new minor where there is a major;

4.  Merge departments or change name;

5.  Revise program; and

6.  Authorize distance delivery of previously authorized degree program.


Level I with Level II documentation:  With Level II documentation circulated to all chief academic officers in advance, OCHE may propose additional items for the Level I process. For these items to move forward, the Commissioner or designee must reach consensus with the chief academic officers. When consensus is not achieved, the Commissioner or designee will move the item to the Level II review process.


Action Requested (check all that apply):

7.  New minor, option, or certificate within an existing major or degree;

8.  Eliminate organizational units w/in larger institution (except the 5 COTs);

9.  Consolidate existing programs and/or degrees.


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