Montana Board of Regents

 of Higher Education 


Special Meeting


June 17, 2003


Montana Higher Education Complex

2500 Broadway

Helena, MT 59620

These Minutes were approved unanimously by the Board of Regents at the July 10-11, 2003 meeting in Kalispell, MT






The Full Board Convened at 1:00 p.m. - Roll Call indicated a Quorum Present  


Regents Present: Lynn Morrison-Hamilton, Christian Hur Vice Chairman, Ed Jasmin Chairman, John Mercer, Richard Roehm joined the Executive Session by telephone, Mark Semmens, Lila Taylor, and Interim Commissioner Carrol Krause


Regents Absent:  Governor Judy Martz ex officio, and Superintendent of Public Instruction Linda McCulloch ex officio

II.      AGENDA 


The Board discussed the issue of Regent Roehm's vote since he would be joining the Executive Session only by phone.

  Regent Hur MOVED for APPROVAL to suspend the rules for this meeting, and allow Regent Roehm to voice his vote in Executive Session which would then be carried over in case of a tied vote.

*  Motion Approved Unanimously on 6-0 vote


The Board recessed at 1:02 for Executive Session




Selection of Permanent Commissioner

  Regent Hur MOVED to hire Sheila Stearns as the Permanent Commissioner at a salary of $144,500 on a two year contract to begin on August 1, 2003.

  Regent Hur Amended his motion to begin on September 1, 2003.

*  Amended Motion APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY on 6-0 vote

With no further business to come before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

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