Regent's Duties, Responsibilities, and Limitations



A. Responsibility: 

To be a conscientious member of the Board of Regents, helping the Board fulfill its responsibilities for directinggoverning the organization Montana University System, accomplishing its mission, protecting and furthering its assets, and being accountable to the public at large for the ethical, effective, and high quality conduct of all organizational affairs and performing other duties assigned by law.


B.  General Duties:

  1. To be loyal first to To further the interests of the Montana University System, always furthering the interests of the Board in its pursuit of its mission, and disclosing and avoiding any potential conflict of interest.  in serving the citizens of Montana, and to disclose and avoid any potential conflict of interest.
  2. To be diligent in the fulfillment of Board responsibilities, always being prepared for decisions addressed by the Board, including preparation for, attendance at and active participation in Board meetings; and participation in continuing education opportunities.
  3. To be prudent in all decisions made on behalf of the Montana University System, employing judgment consistent with generally accepted community and professional standards and practices for the issue at hand, based on the information that is available.
  4. To respect the confidentiality of Board executive deliberations and refer all inquiries for public statements on executive deliberations to the Board Chair and/or Commissioner.
  5. To support the decisions and policies of the board, until such time as those decisions or policies are changed by an official action of the board.
  6. To help define and then support the roles delegated to the Commissioner and management; and to assure that accountability mechanisms exist to receive reports on the delegated duties.
  7. To engage in regular self-evaluation processes of the Board and to be responsible for notifying the Board Chair at such time as the member determines that he or she cannot continue to carry out faithfully the duties of the position.
  8. To participate in policy development for public education at all levels and for all ages through participation in the Board of Education and cooperation with other public officials.


C.  Limitations:  No Regent has any authority except as a voting member of the assembled Board in official session.