November 20-21, 2003


Whereas, Board of Regents Policy 301.1 currently guarantees that any qualified Montana high school graduate who submits a timely application will be admitted to the four year campus of the applicants choice; and

Whereas, Policy 301.1 carefully defines by reference to test scores, grade point averages and class standing who is deemed to be a "qualified" applicant; and

Whereas, no campus may impose enrollment caps for in-state applicants unless specifically allowed by Regents' policy; and

Whereas, the Colleges of Technology of the Montana University System are by history and practice open enrollment institutions;

Therefore, The Board of Regents of Higher Education does hereby affirm its support of the existing policies and practices that guarantee the following:  No qualified Montana student will be denied admission to any unit of the Montana University System.


Submitted by Regent Roehm