Short History of Efforts

Initiatives in Indian Education
Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education
Montana University System


"Minorities in Montana Education" project submitted December 6, 1988 by OCHE in response to SHEEO request for proposals for grants to state boards from the Ford Foundation to improve minority baccalaureate achievement. 

February 9, 1990 continuing support through July 1991 via a grant from the Northwest Area Foundation with the understanding that the OCHE would seek legislative funding - project extended through fiscal year. 

May 21, 1990 hiring of Director of American Indian/Minority Achievement, job responsibilities included the TRACKS project, hiring of 1/2 secretary and continued contract for computer technician. 

AIMA office funded by HB 125 in the 52nd Legislature. 

The 53rd Legislature funded HB 277 to fund the office.  

April 7,1993 The project was incorporated into the state budget HB 2 by amendment by the Senate.



  • in addition the OCHE has supported one of the federal TRIO programs - Educational Talent Search  - for a number of years.
  • the federal Gear Up grant was written to provide additional outreach to low income schools which includes a number of public schools on reservations
  • other federal programs, such as Perkins & Eisenhower, provide services to Indian populations