Executive Summary

Collective Bargaining Agreement

UTU and The University of Montana


  The Collective Bargaining Agreement between the University Teachers' Union and The University of Montana represents a further successful effort at collaborative bargaining. The salient features of the agreement are as follows:

� 2 + 2 Agreement. The contract covers the period from July 1, 1999 until June 30, 2001. It will be reopened only for the purposes of negotiating compensation. Other issues may be opened by mutual consent, and each side has the right to unilaterally open three sections.

� The total compensation package will be a 3% increase in each of the two years, effective October 1.

� The contract provides for publication of the agreement on a World Wide Web site.

� Faculty will be required to supply the Administration with a copy of the syllabus for each course taught.

� Post-doctoral fellows have been removed from the bargaining unit.

� Both sides have agreed to no decrease in instructional workload.

� The sections of the contract dealing with non-tenurable faculty have been totally reorganized and revised to reflect new University policy.

� Various issues regarding the faculty evaluation process have been clarified, including student participation, and the workings of the Faculty Evaluation Committees.

� The BoR Policy on Consulting and the University Policy on Consulting have been incorporated by reference

� The University has clarified its rights with regard to electronically delivered courses.

� The Grievance Procedure and Student Complaint Procedure have been revised in the light of recent experiences.

� There was a general clarification and revision of terminology and procedures.

Several Letters of Understanding have also been forged relating to the contract. Some of these include statements on Rights of Non-tenurable Appointees, Pre-Budget Negotiations on Compensation, Instructional Workload, and Tenurable Lines.