Administrative/Budget Committee

May 16, 1996
9:00 a.m.

Donaldson Commons
Montana State University--Northern
Havre, Montana


a. ITEM 91-301-R0596--Authorization to Increase Tuition Fees; Flathead Valley Community College

b. ITEM 91-1001-R0596--Student Computer Fee Allocation; The University of Montana--Missoula

c. ITEM 91-1002-R0596--Recycling Fee; The University of Montana--Missoula

d. ITEM 91-1003-R0596--Change the Name of the Business Administration Building to the Education Building; The University of Montana--Missoula

e. ITEM 91-2706-R0596--Student Equipment Fee Allocations; Montana State University--Billings

f. ITEM 90-001-R0396--Inventory and Validation of Fees; Montana University System


a. ITEM 2-015-R1073--Consulting Services; Faculty (REVISED 401.1) (on submission at 3/96 meeting)

b. ITEM 21-003-R0778--Appeals (REVISED 203.5.2) (on submission at 3/96 meeting)

c. ITEM 26-016-R0380--Employment Contract; Professional and Administrative Employees (REVISED 711.1) (on submission at 3/96 meeting)

d. ITEM 91-1004-R0596--Special Fee, School of Law; The University of Montana--Missoula

e. ITEM 91-1005-R0596--Certificate of Completion, Parking Facilities (Phase I), Series A 1993 Facilities Improvement and Refunding Revenue Bonds; The University of Montana--Missoula

f. ITEM 91-1007-R0596--Special Fee, Physical Therapy Masters Program; The University of Montana--Missoula

g. ITEM 91-1501-R0596--Authorization to Sell Real Property to the Montana Tech Foundation; Montana Tech of The University of Montana

h. ITEM 91-2702-R0596--Purchase of Real Property; Montana State University--Billings

i. ITEM 58-7006-R0388--Building and Maintenance Fees; Montana Vocational Technical System (971.7.1 REVISED)

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