Board of Regents of Higher Education

Montana University System

January 29, 1998


Conference Room 102

Montana Higher Education Complex

2500 Broadway

Helena, Montana

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REGENTS PRESENT: Jim Kaze (Chairman), Pat Davison, Colleen Conroy, Ed Jasmin, Jason Thielman, and Margie Thompson; Commissioner of Higher Education Richard Crofts

REGENTS ABSENT: Paul Boylan (Excused)

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Approved unanimously at the March 26-27, 1998 meeting in Havre, Montana.

The Board of Regents convened at 8:00 a.m. for an informal work session. Chairman Jim Kaze asked that the Regents submit agenda topics for future work sessions to the Commissioner’s Office. A general agenda would be provided to Regents prior to their regular meetings.


The following items were discussed: the WWAMI Legislative Conference in Seattle, the Board of Regents’ January 1998 workshop, the Commissioner’s evaluation, campus policies on acceptable use of computers, and recent meetings with legislators.

The Board recessed at 9:00 a.m. for committee meetings.

The Board reconvened at 11:15 a.m. Roll call showed a quorum was present.

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Commissioner Crofts suggested the following language be added to page 10, 3c., of the November 20-21, 1997 minutes:

Rick Gray, Associate Dean of the Helena College of Technology of The University of Montana reported on the Fire and Rescue program at that campus. Both Patricia Kercher and Rick Gray reported on the collaboration between these programs at the MSU College of Technology� Great Falls and the Helena College of Technology of The University of Montana.

Regent Davison MOVED approval of the minutes (as amended) from the November 20-21, 1997 regular meeting as mailed to Board members. The motion passed UNANIMOUSLY.


Staff Items:

ITEM 98-1000-R0198 Staff; The University of Montana-Missoula

ITEM 98-1003-R0198Resolution Concerning the Retirement of Larry M. Ellison, Professor, School of Law; The University of Montana-Missoula

ITEM 98-1500-R0198Staff; Montana Tech of The University of Montana

ITEM 98-1900-R0198Staff; Helena College of Technology of The University of Montana

ITEM 98-2000-R0198Staff; Montana State University-Bozeman

ITEM 98-2300-R0198Staff; Agricultural Experiment Station

ITEM 98-2400-R0198Staff; Extension Service

ITEM 98-2700-R0198Staff; Montana State University-Billings

ITEM 98-2800-R0198Staff; Montana State University-Northern

Capital Construction:

ITEM 98-2002-R0198Authorization to Refinish Exterior Surfaces at Paisley Court, Family housing; Montana State University-Bozeman

ITEM 98-2003-R0198Authorization to Remodel the West Harrison Dining Room, Johnstone Center; Montana State University-Bozeman

ITEM 98-2005-R0198Authorization to Perform Maintenance on the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems in the Strand Union Building; Montana State University-Bozeman


ITEM 98-001-R0198Approval of the 1997-1999 Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Vocational-Technical Educators of Montana Local #4610; Montana University System

ITEM 98-002-R0198Approval of the 1997-1999 Collective Bargaining Agreement with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Locals #532 and #768; Montana University System

ITEM 98-003-R0198Approval of the 1997-1999 Collective Bargaining Agreement with the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters Locals #30, #41, and #459; Montana University System

Amendment to ITEM 98-2800-R0198  On page 2 (3), insert salary for Chancellor William Daehling as $88,040 (a 2.4% increase) effective February 1, 1998.

Regent Jason Thielman MOVED approval of all items on the Consent Agenda (Staff, Capital Construction, and Other) as amended. The motion passed UNANIMOUSLY.


Brad Schlepp, president of MAS (Montana Associated Students) reported on the State Legislature Committee approved by MAS. This committee will be comprised of two students from each school that belongs to MAS. The committee will research issues and compile news articles and pertinent information to help student lobbyists and MAS make decisions concerning students during and between legislative sessions.

Mr. Schlepp referred to a student resolution (on file) requesting the State of Montana to set funding of the Montana University System as a top priority when allocating the excess tax revenue of more than $20 million. In particular, MAS requested the following funding areas be considered top priorities when allocating any state funds: (a) using state funds to offset tuition increases and therefore stabilizing rising tuition; and (b) fully funding the Montana Tuition Assistance Program (MTAP).

Mr. Schlepp reported on a social marketing campaign started at MSU-Bozeman by Jeff Linkenbach, Director of Health Promotion, in connection with Governor Marc Racicot. The marketing campaign was working on targeting college students and the community on binge drinking. The grant-funded project was to promote awareness and healthier lifestyles throughout the state.

Regent Davison said he would be interested in receiving some written material on the issue.

Kim Cunningham, president of the student body at MSU-Billings, reported on the success of the central advising center for students. Because of the center, students now have the option to review which courses are being filled quickly, and decisions can be made right away in terms of opening new sections. Ms. Cunningham said she had asked students for feedback concerning the size of classes and getting into them, and this was the first time she received no complaints. Ms. Cunningham praised the administration for its response to the students.

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The Academic and Student Affairs Committee met at 9:00 a.m. in Conference Room 102B in the Montana Higher Education Complex at 2500 Broadway. Members present were Regents Davison (chair), Thielman, and Thompson. Chairman Kaze asked Regent Davison to present the committee’s report to the full Board.


The following Level I changes were approved by the Commissioner’s Office (January 16, 1998 memo from Stuart Knapp, and January 29, 1998 memo from Jane Karas on file):

The University of Montana-Missoula

Proposal to add a minor in Women and Gender Studies under the Liberal Studies BA program.

Proposal to move the AA program to the UM College of Technology.

Proposal to add the teaching minor in Spanish, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

Proposal to add the option Integrated Arts and Education under the MFA degree in Fine Arts.

College of Technology, The University of Montana-Missoula

Proposal to retitle the certificate program in Small Engine & Equipment Technology to Recreational Power Equipment.

Proposal to add the AA program moved from The University of Montana-Missoula.

Proposal to add the option Baking as a one-year certificate program to the AAS in Food Service Management.

College of Technology, Montana Tech of The University of Montana

Proposal to offer the emphasis of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to the AAS degree in Information Processing Technology.

Western Montana College of The University of Montana

Proposal to offer a Drama minor to the BS degree in Secondary Education.

Proposal to change the title of the Social Science/Administrative Science option of BA degree in Arts to read Social Science.

Proposal to change title of the Communications Technology/Administrative Science option of BA degree in Arts to read Business and Communications.

Montana State University-Billings

Proposal to consolidate three options of Emotional Disturbance, Learning Disabilities, and Mental Retardation and Severe Disabilities within the Master of Science in Special Education to one option titled Advanced Studies in Special Education.

Montana State University-Bozeman

Proposal for the Department of Animal and Range Science to combine its Master’s degree in Animal Science and its Master’s degree in Range Science into a Master’s degree in Animal and Range Science.

Proposal to merge two separate options, Motion Picture/Video and Theatre, of the BA degree in Media & Theatre Arts into one option titled Motion Picture/Video/Theatre.

Montana State University College of Technology-Great Falls

Proposal to add a third option of Web Development to the AAS degree in Computer Technology.

Montana State University-Northern

Proposal to change the name of the Master of Education degree in Counseling and Development to Counselor Education.

Dawson Community College

Proposal to retitle two AAS degrees, Microcomputer Support Technician and Microcomputer Specialist and Technician, to Computer Support Technician-Software Specialist and Computer Support Technician-System Support.

Delete three related certificate degree programs: Computer Application, Microcomputer Specialist and Technician, and Microcomputer Support Specialist.


The Board concurred with the committee’s recommendation to move the following Notices of Intent to the Submission Agenda for the March 26-27, 1998 meeting in Havre:

From The University of Montana-Missoula:

Approval of Proposal to Add an Option in Land and People to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Resource Conservation

Approval of Proposal to Add an Option in Terrestrial Sciences to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Resource Conservation

Approval of Proposal to Add an Option in Higher Education to the Master of Education Degree in Educational Leadership

Approval of Proposal to Add an Option in Dance to the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Arts

Approval of Proposal to Add a New Integrated Option in Media Arts to the Master of Fine Arts Degree

Approval of Proposal to Add an Option in Human Biology to the Bachelor of Arts in Biology Degree

Approval of Proposal to Add an Option in Rural and Environmental Change to the Bachelor of Arts Degree and Master of Arts Degree in Sociology

Approval of Proposal to Add an Option in Biochemistry to the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Proposal to Offer a Certificate in Barber-Styling (College of Technology)

From the Helena College of Technology of The University of Montana:

Approval of Proposal to Offer a Two-Year Associate of Applied Science Degree in Construction Trades

From Montana State University-Bozeman:

Authorization for the Department of Entomology to Offer an Undergraduate Minor in Entomology

Authorization for the Department of Plant Sciences to Offer an Option in Turfgrass Science within the Horticulture Major

From Montana State University-Bozeman and Montana State University-Northern:

Approval of Proposal to Offer an Agricultural Operations Technology Degree, Currently Offered at MSU-Bozeman, to be Jointly Offered at MSU-Bozeman and at MSU-Northern

From Montana State University-Northern:

Authorization to Offer a Bachelor of Applied Technology Degree

Approval of Proposal to Offer a Non-Teaching Physical Education Major

Approval of Proposal to Award the Minor in Paleontology Technology

Approval of Proposal to Award the Associate of Science Degree, Paleontology Technology with Options in Museum Technology and Field Technology

From Dawson Community College:

Approval of Proposal to Implement the Associate of Applied Science Degree and a One-Year Certificate in Early Childhood Education

From Flathead Valley Community College:

Approval of Proposal to Implement the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Building Trades


ITEM 27-009-R0680Transfer of Credits; Montana University System and Community Colleges (REVISED 301.5)

Amendments: In Section 5, change "Council of Academic Vice Presidents" to "Chief Academic Officers"; "Academic Vice Presidents" to "Chief Academic Officers"; and "President" to "Chief Executive Officer."

Regent Davison MOVED that the Board concur with the committee’s recommendation to approve ITEM 27-009-R0680 as amended. The motion passed UNANIMOUSLY.


Regent Davison said questions had been raised in previous committee meetings about how many students were taking the CLEP or Advanced Placement tests and how many credits were being issued. As an information item, the committee received a document (on file) comparing the credit by examination among Fiscal Years 1995, 1996, and 1997 at four-year institutions in the university system.

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The Administrative/Budget Committee met at 9:00 a.m. in Conference Room 102A in the Montana Higher Education Complex at 2500 Broadway. Members present were Regents Jasmin (chair), Conroy, and Kaze. Chairman Kaze asked Regent Jasmin to present the committee’s report to the full Board.


ITEM 93-002-R1196Transfers of Interests in Real Property; Montana University System (Policy 1003.6 REVISED)

Regent Jasmin said Policy 1003.6 required Board of Regents’ approval for any sales and purchases of real property. However, since the policy did not cover acquisition by gift, Section V.A. was being revised to reflect that change.

Regent Jasmin MOVED that the Board concur with the committee’s recommendation to move ITEM 93-002-R1196 from the Submission Agenda and approve it as an Action Agenda item. The motion passed UNANIMOUSLY.


ITEM 98-1001-R0198  Miscellaneous Renovation and Maintenance Projects, University Villages; The University of Montana-Missoula

ITEM 98-1002-R0198University Villages Office Renovation and Addition; The University of Montana-Missoula

ITEM 98-1004-R0198University Center Third Floor Renovations; The University of Montana-Missoula

Regent Jasmin said two renovation plans had been proposed for the University Center’s third floor. Option 1 would require a per-semester student fee not to exceed $9.00 and would remodel the third floor of the University Center and resolve all life-safety and fire-code issues. Option 2 would require a per-semester student fee of $12.00 and would remodel the third floor, resolve all life-safety and fire-code issues, and add a multipurpose theater. Regent Jasmin said a student referendum was scheduled in late February to decide which option the students would support. Board approval of ITEM 98-1004-R0198 would authorize UM-Missoula to take the steps necessary to retain an architect to plan the renovations. The project would be funded by non-state appropriated funds.

ITEM 98-2001-R0198Authorization to Grant a License to Tracey and Rod Hagen to Use a Private Road Located on the Eastern Agricultural Research Center, Richland County, Montana, as a Means of Ingress and Egress from Their Property; Montana State University-Bozeman

ITEM 98-2004-R0198Authorization to Paint Interior Surfaces for Residence Life and University Food Service; Montana State University-Bozeman

ITEM 98-401-R0198Approval of Tuition Proposal for 1998-99 Academic Year; Miles Community College

Regent Jasmin said tuition at Miles Community College had been lowered for Montana students, both in- and out-of-district, for the 1997-98 academic year. To avoid a revenue shortfall, MCC was proposing that tuition for in- and out-of-district Montana students be raised to the same level it was for the 1996-97 academic year.

g. ITEM 98-1601-R0198Authorization to Lease a Portion of the WMC-UM Campus to the WMC Foundation; Western Montana College of The University of Montana

Regent Jasmin said ITEM 98-1601-R0198 was an addition to the agenda. Western Montana College of The UM was asking the Board to authorize Western to enter into a ten-year lease at the rate of $1.00 per year with the Western Montana College Foundation, leasing a portion of the campus to the foundation for the purpose of locating an historical building for use by the foundation and the college. At the conclusion of the ten-year term, the lease could be renegotiated, or the college could exercise its option to assume ownership of the house and discontinue the lease of the property.

In response to a question from Regent Davison, Chief Legal Counsel LeRoy Schramm said that public notice via newspapers applied to sales, not leases.

Commissioner Crofts said his office wanted to clarify the value the campus was receiving in return for an attractive lease of the land. During the course of the lease, since the college would be renting space in the building from the foundation, the campus would receive some benefit in the rent because it was leasing the land very inexpensively. At the end of the lease, the college would have the option to terminate it. The land would come back, plus the college would have the option to own the structure on it which, depending on the extent to which it was renovated, could prove quite valuable.

In response to a question from Regent Thompson on post-lease costs of maintenance, Western Montana College Chancellor Sheila Stearns said that under one agreement the foundation would be responsible long term for the operation and maintenance. If at some point, however, the college asserted its rights to assume complete ownership of the property, the foundation would be committed to, as part of the lease agreement, establishing a long-term operation and maintenance endowment to help fund that in perpetuity.

In response to a question from Chairman Kaze, Chancellor Stearns said the foundation initially voted not to accept the gift of the house because they were not certain they could ensure it was brought up to code and renovated. Chancellor Stearns said two significant gifts had made it possible. When a benefactor had stepped forward and committed the $250,000 that engineers and architects said would be required to bring the house up to code and aesthetic standards, the foundation board and Western’s administration agreed the entire package would provide some useful, usable space for the campus and would free up other space for the students.

Commissioner Crofts said that because there was some need to move forward quickly on the project, the committee recommended the Regents grant the Commissioner final approval of the lease, required contracts, and any other documents so this could be done in advance of the March 1998 meeting.

Following further discussion, Regent Jasmin MOVED that the Board concur with the committee’s recommendation to approve Action Agenda ITEMS 98-1001-R0198, 98-1002-R0198, 98-1004-R0198, 98-2001-R0198, 98-2004-R0198, 98-401-R0198, and 98-1601-R0198 (as amended by delegating final approval of any lease documents to the commissioner). The motion passed UNANIMOUSLY.

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The Board recessed at 12:00 noon for its lunch/meeting with student representatives.

The Board reconvened at 1:30 p.m.

Chairman Kaze introduced Dewayne Matthews, Director of Student Exchange Programs for WICHE (Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education). Mr. Matthews’ presentation focused on Montana's participation in WICHE's student exchange programs, along with the results of a new analysis of professional workforce trends in western states and their implications for Montana's use of WICHE programs.

During 1997-98, Montana supported 63 students through WICHE’s Professional Student Exchange Program. By enrolling in professional schools in other WICHE states, the students gained access to programs unavailable in Montana, such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, occupational therapy, podiatry, osteopathic medicine, and public health. An additional 1,147 Montana residents participated in other WICHE exchange programs, including the Western Undergraduate Exchange and the Western Regional Graduate Program.

Mr. Matthews supplemented his presentation with several handouts (on file) that provided more details about WICHE’s student exchange programs. Following a brief question-and-answer period, Chairman Kaze thanked Mr. Matthews for updating the Board on WICHE’s programs.

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Athletic Report

Regent Jasmin said the committee had received an athletic report (on file) from the Commissioner’s Office that presented the costs and income from the university system’s athletic programs and from those on individual campuses.

Rod Sundsted, Associate Commissioner for Fiscal Affairs, said the first page of the report listed for Fiscal Year 1998 budgeted expenditures and revenues in the system’s athletic programs. Page 2 presented the same information but for 1997 actual expenditures versus budgeted expenditures. Page 3 showed historical levels since 1993 for comparison purposes from year to year. Mr. Sundsted briefly reviewed the reports.

Regent Jasmin said they should try to standardize the way the campuses account for athletics. Also, the committee suggested they try to obtain some data on regional intercollegiate athletic programs to see whether Montana’s athletic expenditures were too high or too low in comparison.

Draft Proposal to Enhance Enrollment at Montana State University-Northern by Expanding Athletic Offerings

Regent Jasmin said MSU-Northern’s proposal (on file) would initiate women’s soccer and men’s football on the Havre campus.

Discussion followed on whether this decision should be a Regents’ decision or a Montana State University management decision.

Chairman Kaze said leaving the decision to the campuses was consistent with the way they had treated athletic programs in the past  the wrestling program at Western Montana College, for instance. He reemphasized the need to obtain some regional data in order to compare Montana’s athletic costs.

UM President George Dennison pointed out that a campus’ chief executive officer needed to be in charge of the program. When the NCAA Division I conducted its certification and reviews, a major issue looked at was whether the Board supported the CEO being in control of athletics.

In response to a question from Regent Thielman, MSU-Northern Chancellor William Daehling said there was no question that adding another 100 students may require them to add sections. If those were spread across all programs, most of the costs would occur within general education. The excess revenue would be spent to handle those particular costs.

Referring to Table 3 in MSU-Northern’s draft proposal, Commissioner Crofts said in FY99 and FY2000, the revenue projection minus expense concluded with $54,000 said to be available for the campus in 1999 and $148,000 in 2000. The cost of educating another 100 students was quite likely to eat up all that revenue available for the campus and would probably require more than that. Commissioner Crofts said he did not want them to say that in FY99 they could educate another 100 students at MSU-Northern for $54,000.

President Malone said the way this was presented to the campus and the broader community that was helping fund it under this proposal was the expectation that the campus itself wins, not just athletic fans, with an expansion of enrollment with football. He said they would need to have checkpoints to see whether that expectation was borne out. At that time, they could not prove it would be.

Following further discussion, Regent Davison asked that the Regents be notified of any final decision.

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a. ITEM 97-003-R1197 Position Descriptions: Executive Officers; Montana University System (NEW)

Commissioner Crofts said this new Board policy was now on the Action Agenda. The changes to individual position descriptions suggested at prior meetings had all been incorporated.

Referring to the position description for the Chief Legal Counsel, Regent Jasmin suggested having the sixth "bullet" read: ". . . oversee the effectiveness of the Montana University System Policy and Procedures Manual . . ."

With the addition of the change to the Chief Legal Counsel’s position description, Regent Thielman MOVED that the Board approve ITEM 97-003-R1197. The motion passed UNANIMOUSLY.


a. Appeal

Chairman Kaze said the appeal material had been sent to the Regents with the agenda mailing. The issue before them was not to determine the merits of the matter at that time but instead to decide whether to entertain the appeal and hear the matter at the March 1998 meeting or deny the appeal and thereby uphold the Commissioner’s decision.

Regent Davison said Don Hite had contacted him and asked that Regent Davison relay a message to the other Regents that Mr. Hite was willing to be at the January meeting. Regent Davison said he advised Mr. Hite that the Regents would either affirm the Commissioner’s decision or agree to a hearing at the March 1998 meeting. No arguments would be heard from either side at the January meeting. He said Chief Legal Counsel LeRoy Schramm also discussed the procedures with Mr. Hite.

Following brief discussion, Regent Thielman voiced a concern that just because several previous hearings had affirmed prior decisions, that should not be the basis for the Regents to deny the appeal.

Chairman Kaze asked whether a majority of the Regents, after reviewing all the material, believed the appeal should be entertained and heard at the March 1998 meeting.

Regent Jasmin said he had reviewed all the material and MOVED that the Board deny the appeal, thereby upholding the Commissioner’s decision. The motion PASSED BY A 5-TO-1 vote; Regent Thielman voted against the motion.

ITEM 98-004-R0198- Authorization to Enter into a Contract with the College Savings Bank to Act as Account Depository and Manager of the Family Education Savings Program (FESP)

Rod Sundsted, Associate Commissioner for Fiscal Affairs, said ITEM 98-004-R0198 authorized the Commissioner to enter into a contract with the College Savings Bank to act as an account depository and manager for the Family Education Savings Program (FESP). Mr. Sundsted noted that Montana State Representative John Bohlinger had sponsored the legislation and was largely responsible for moving it through the legislature. Mr. Sundsted said he also wanted to recognize the oversight committee that was required to solicit proposals, evaluate those proposals, and make a recommendation to the Board. Members of the committee included State Auditor Mark O’Keefe (chair); Lois Menzies, Director of the Department of Administration; Peter Blouke, Director of the Department of Commerce; Margie Thompson, member of the Board of Regents, Pat Ellis from Galusha, Higgins & Galusha; Sarah Kelly from Montana International Insurance; and Jerry Meyer from DA Davidson. Mr. Sundsted said Jim Stipcich, Director of MHESAC, also helped with some of the committee’s work.

Mr. Sundsted said the federal rates were not out yet on this program, and the committee was concerned with whether they would get multiple providers under the program. Montana’s statute said they could not without guidance from the IRS that it was allowable. The contract being proposed was non-exclusive, which meant they could bring in another investment vehicle that may appeal more to a different group of investors than that currently offered. The committee’s other recommendation was that the contract period be three years but allow for extensions up to seven. According to the statute, the contract period had to be a minimum of three years and could not exceed seven years. Mr. Sundsted said they were working on the contract document and hoped to bring rules and regulations for the program to the Regents’ March 1998 meeting and be available to accept deposits within the April timeframe.

State Auditor Mark O’Keefe, chairman of the FESP Oversight Committee, said the committee unanimously recommended the College Savings Bank, which was based in Princeton, New Jersey. He said the bank was chosen because the committee felt it offered Montanans, both families and higher education institutes, the most of anyone who replied to the Request for Proposals. The committee was convinced it was an innovative quality program established solely for the purpose of college savings. The College Savings Bank offered a plan that would address the volatility of education costs with a floating interest rate that would be good for Montana savers. The plan offered a return that would match the inflationary costs of education around the country. If the cost of education increased 4 percent, a person’s investment would earn 4%. If the increase was 15%, the investment would earn 15%. Mr. O’Keefe said the agreement also established a 4% minimum rate of return for all Montana investors. The College Savings Bank convinced the committee that Montana could actually become a leader in this area, and the bank had the potential not just to help Montana families who wanted to save for their children’s college education, but also to return money to the university system for scholarships.

Peter Roberts said he was the founder of College Savings Bank and the inventor of a certificate of deposit that was the only commercially available college cost repayment product in the nation. It was indexed to college costs and guaranteed to meet the future costs of college. It was also backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government up to $100,000 per depositor and was Triple A rated. Mr. Roberts said he wanted to compliment the legislature and the Governor for enacting probably the best statute in the nation for a state college savings program. He said the Council of State Governments had recently cited Montana’s statute as a model for other states to follow. Mr. Roberts also acknowledged the work during the past 18 months of the oversight committee, the Board of Regents, Rod Sundsted from the Commissioner’s Office, and Jim Stipcich from MHESAC for bringing the program to fruition. He assured the Regents that College Savings Bank would deliver a first-class program to Montana.

In response to questions from Regent Jasmin concerning the contract’s contents, Mr. Sundsted said the contract would incorporate both the RFP by reference and the response to it.

In response to a question from Regent Jasmin, Mr. Roberts said $300,000 would be used for marketing the program and would also help bring in application fees from out of state that could be used for scholarships.

Following further discussion, Regent Davison MOVED that the Board approve ITEM 98-004-R0198. The motion passed UNANIMOUSLY.

c. Library Integration within Montana State University

MSU President Malone said that following the university system restructuring, the issue of libraries had been a key focus for collaboration and potential benefits among the MSU campuses. Following some brief remarks, President Malone introduced Dean of Libraries Bruce Morton.

Mr. Morton provided the Board some background and updates on what had been accomplished during the timeframe since the 1994 restructuring. He said they were trying to create a seamless information environment that would be transparent as students moved among campuses or took distance-education courses from any provider within the system. Mr. Morton said they were also trying to negotiate with information vendors as one library and had both success and failure in accomplishing that. They also had undertaken staff development efforts to upgrade skills and hopefully move toward one culture. An additional goal was a common approval plan at all the campuses, which was the method by which books were selected and received on the campuses.

Discussion followed on the potential cost savings of integration and whether the integration was or could be extended beyond the Montana State University campuses to those of The University of Montana in order to have a single university system library.

Chairman Kaze thanked President Malone and Mr. Morton for their report.

d. Board of Regents’ Code of Expectations

Chairman Kaze said the Code of Expectations (on file) was developed as a result of the Regents’ January 11-12, 1998 workshop in Montana City. He said it was discussed during the Board’s work session earlier that day and was being placed on the Submission Agenda for action at the March 1998 meeting.

Commissioner Crofts said the Code of Expectations would be distributed to the Governor, Superintendent of Public Instruction, legislative leadership, and Regent candidates for comments prior to the March meeting.

e. Board Resolution

Chairman Kaze noted that Regent Paul Boylan was unable to attend his last Regents’ meeting due to illness and asked that the following resolution be entered into the record:


WHEREAS, Paul Boylan’s term on the Board of Regents of Higher Education expires on February 1, 1998;

WHEREAS, Paul has faithfully and conscientiously discharged his duties and responsibilities as a Regent for the last seven years; and

WHEREAS, Paul previously served this state for 22 years as a State Senator from Gallatin County; and

WHEREAS, Paul, after graduation from Montana State College (now Montana State University) in 1942, was commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant in the U.S. Army and served in the far east, including along the Burma Road; and

WHEREAS, Paul, a Montanan since his birth almost 79 years ago, has been one of the most colorful public servants in Montana and knows as well as anyone how to have a good time and how to spin an interesting tale about ranching, politics, or Montana history; and

WHEREAS, Paul possesses the basic virtues of honesty and forthrightness and always displays a refreshing ability to cut through jargon and euphemism; and

WHEREAS, Paul consistently has the interests of students uppermost in his mind;


THAT, the Board of Regents, on its own behalf, and on behalf of the students, staff, and administration of the Montana University System, and also on behalf of the citizens of Montana;

EXTEND THANKS and CONGRATULATIONS to Paul Boylan and to Millie, his spouse, partner, and helpmate for the past 57 years, for years of service to the Montana University System and to the people of this state.

Regent Davison MOVED that the Board adopt the resolution and make sure it was delivered to Regent Boylan. The motion passed UNANIMOUSLY.


Commissioner Crofts briefly reviewed his written report (on file) to the Board dated January 28, 1998, which provided updates on the following: a task force appointed to address the future of nursing education in Montana; a change in sites for the March and May 1998 Board meetings; the "1997 Annual Report on Gender Equity in Vocational Education"; a meeting held to address changes in the allocation model and initiate discussion on budget priorities for the next biennium; work underway to determine the feasibility of adding additional vendors to the optional retirement program; and activities of the Regents’ Information Technology Committee.


Montana State University President Malone distributed the "1997 President’s Report."

The University of Montana President Dennison said the strategic planning groups had filed their preliminary report, which was currently being compiled and expected to be final by mid-February.

President Dennison said they were along the process toward selling a portion of the land at Fort Missoula, which had been done in compliance with all the new statutes and regulations. They had two bids they would review quickly and come to a resolution to bring to the Board. They had also provided notice of the process to the Land Board.

Western Montana College Chancellor Sheila Stearns reported that the Board of Public Education, on January 16, had given a very strong pat on the back to Western’s teacher education program.

Miles Community College President Frank Williams said his resignation would be effective at the end of June and that Dr. Jud Flower was chairing the search committee to hire a new president.

With no other business to come before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

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