The Board of Regents supports the efforts of each MUS campus as they work to promote a culture of integrity and ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies governing higher education. Through the MUS Risk and Compliance Council and teams of MUS subject matter experts focused on unique areas of compliance, we support systems and processes to comply with obligations and identify opportunities to communicate and deliver education to MUS campuses.

Seven Elements of an Effective Compliance and Ethics Program

The MUS continuously builds its compliance program by following the seven elements of an “effective compliance and ethics program” outlined in the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. These elements, along with guidance on the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs from the Department of Justice, have established a blueprint for promoting a culture of ethical conduct and compliance with the law.

(1) Standards of conduct, policies and procedures

(2) Governance and tone from leadership

(3) Communication and education;

(4) Internal monitoring, auditing, and evaluation of program effectiveness;

(5) Avenues for reporting and procedures for investigating

(6) Enforcement, incentives and discipline;

(7) Response and Prevention

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