MSTC Charge

Montana University System institutions conduct more than $250 million in externally funded research annually that not only presses forward important boundaries of scientific understanding but is also vital to the growth of innovative companies and high-paying jobs in Montana. The Montana Science and Technology Committee (“MSTC”) is charged with providing the Board of Regents, the Commissioner of Higher Education, the Montana legislature, and the Governor with policy advice on how to advance Montana’s science and technology landscape and more closely tie university research activities to Montana’s societal and economic needs. The MSTC has a particular role in developing and communicating Montana’s Science and Technology Plan and overseeing Montana’s active NSF EPSCoR Track I program. The MSTC serves as the EPSCoR steering committee required by the National Science Foundation in Montana’s EPSCoR RII Track I Cooperative Agreement.

MSTC Membership

  • Joe Thiel, Deputy Commissioner for Academic, Research, and Student Affairs or designee (chair)
  • Alison Harmon, Vice President for Research, Economic Development, and Graduate Education, Montana State University
  • Scott Whittenberg, Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship, Dean of the Graduate School, University of Montana
  • Angela Lueking, Vice Chancellor for Research and Dean of The Graduate School, Montana Technological University
  • Anneliese Riply,  Dean of the School of Outreach, University of Montana – Western (Provost's Designee)
  • Randy Maglinao, Senior Research Scientist, Montana State University – Northern (Provost's Designee)
  • Cindy Bell, Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs, Montana State University – Billings (Provost's Designee)
  • Regents' Professor (2) (Appointed by Deputy Commissioner, ARSA to a 2-year renewable term)
    • Cathy Whitlock, Regents' Professor, Montana State University
    • Jakki Mohr, Regents' Professor, University of Montana
  • EX-OFFICIO, non-voting members
    • Rob Walker, PD, Montana NSF EPSCoR Track I
    • Brian Bothner, PD, Montana INBRE
    • Angela Des Jardins, PD, Montana NASA EPSCoR