Accelerated high-quality degree pathway that trains skilled graduates for successful, reliable, high-wage, high-demand careers in Montana.

Nationally, more students are looking for college and career opportunities that provide:

  • Clear pathways to careers and intentional workforce development opportunities;
  • Direct links of value between the cost of a degree and career outcomes; and
  • Accelerated degree timelines through flexible schedules and summer coursework opportunities.

For Montana, Sprint Degrees promote:

  • Workforce development by producing skilled graduates faster for Montana’s highest demand sectors;
  • Increased access for Montana students who are academically ready, career focused and prefer accelerated degree options, but are concerned the traditional higher education model may not be the best fit;
  • Flexible program offerings that can adjust to the ongoing needs of Montana industry; and
  • Innovation and efficiency by providing new and streamlined pathways to degrees for students and demonstrating that higher education can quickly respond and adapt to industry needs.

Without sacrificing quality or accreditation standards, the sprint degree pathways would condense the traditional bachelor degree pathway to 2.5 years and an associate degree pathways completed within 12-18 months. To successfully complete the degree pathways in a shortened time, students will utilize the summer semester, e.g., graduating high school seniors would begin the program shortly after graduation. The bachelor’s degree pathway would include three full-time summer semesters. Associate degrees would utilize two summer semesters – one for pre-requisites and/or general studies courses, and one full-time semester to complete coursework and/or clinical requirements. Due to the highly structured nature of the program, students, campuses, and industry partners must agree to specific partnership terms.

Who is a Sprint Degree for?
Sprint Degrees are open and available to all interested students. However, the program is intentionally designed for:

  • High school graduates who see value in higher education but don’t want a traditional higher education experience.
  • Individuals with some college, but no degree who want an accelerated timeline to a degree that provides a direct link to a career outcome.
  • Adult learners who are looking to expand their career options.

Where are Sprint Degrees offered?
Sprint degrees for specific health-related professions will be offered beginning in Summer 2023 at MSU Billings, City College, (Surgical Technology, Paramedic, Human Services) and Great Falls College (Surgical Technology).