The Montana University System Strategic Plan is the primary planning document of the Board of Regents. The Plan sets forth an agenda for higher education in Montana by delineating the strategic directions, goals, and objectives that guide the Montana University System (MUS).

In July 2006, after several years of study, public dialogue, and internal deliberations, the Board of Regents approved the Strategic Plan. Since then, updates have occurred annually, including revisions to strategic initiatives as well as a refreshing of the data within each goal.
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Introduction  |  Success Agenda

Guiding Principles

Goal 1: Access & Affordability
Increase the overall educational attainment of Montanans through increased participation, retention and completion rates in the Montana University System.

College Participation
Retention & Completion
Financial Aid
K-20 Collaboration
Two-Year Education
Distance Learning

Goal 2: Workforce & Economic Development
Assist in the expansion and improvement of the state’s economy through the development of high value jobs and the diversification of the economic base.

Workforce Development
Research & Development
Graduate Education

Goal 3: Efficiency & Effectiveness
Improve institutional and system efficiency and effectiveness.

Information Technology
Budget Allocation


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