Goal Statement

Expand graduate education capacity and opportunities in order to increase educational attainment of Montanans, fuel economic development, grow the research and development enterprise, and contribute to the cultural and social fabric of Montana and the region.

Goal 2: Workforce & Economic Development

System Initiatives

Faculty, staff, and students in the Montana University System (MUS) are engaged in science and technology research and graduate education that help build Montana’s economic future. The MUS research enterprise also builds partnerships with communities, businesses, and other educational entities to help align science education and research with pressing social and economic challenges.

Expanding graduate education capacity and opportunities will help grow the MUS research enterprise. The following initiatives are key to this effort:

  • Improved stipends and resident tuition status to attract competitive graduate students;
  • Sufficient start-up funding packages and salaries to retain and recruit competitive faculty;
  • Strategic addition of graduate programs to meet workforce needs and research opportunities ; and
  • Innovative partnerships and financing to build modern facilities and a competitive research infrastructure.

Objective 2.3.1

Increase the number and percentage of graduate students in the Montana University System.

Metric 2.3.1

Objective 2.3.2

Increase graduate degree production, maintaining a strong concentration in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.

Metric 2.3.2