Goal Statement

Increase responsiveness to workforce development needs by expanding and developing programs in high demand fields in the state

Goal 2:  Workforce & Economic Development

System Initiatives:

MT STEM Scholarship

The 2019 Legislature revitalized the MT STEM Scholarship by shifting Lottery funding from last dollar to first dollar and extending the number of years that students can receive scholarships from two to four. Award amounts are $1,000 in the first year, $1,500 in years two and three, and $2,000 in year four.

CTE/Big Sky Pathways

In collaboration with OPI, K-12 school districts, two-year colleges, and business and industry, develop and promote sequential curriculum providing high school students with a clear, non-duplicative pathway from high school to two-year colleges and/or careers.




Objective 2.1.1

Increase degrees and certificates awarded in high-demand occupational fields

Metric 2.1.1

Objective 2.1.2

Increase job placement rates

Metric 2.1.2

Objective 2.1.3

Increase the number of certificates and degrees conferred in 2-year programs

Metric 2.1.3

Degrees & Certificates Awarded by MUS 2-year Colleges