Montana Research & Economic Development Initiative

Advisory Panel

The appropriation for the MUS Research Initiative included the following Legislative language:

"The Commissioner of Higher Education, as chairman of the Advisory Panel, is authorized by the Board of Regents of Higher Education to approve disbursements consistent with the research awards recommended by the Advisory Panel.

It is the intent of the legislature that the advisory panel should be composed of one member of the Montana House of Representatives, one member of the Montana Senate, one agriculture/agribusiness representative, one natural resources industry representative, one health-biomedical industry representative, one Montana State University representative, one University of Montana representative, and the Commissioner of Higher Education."

The Research Advisory Panel is comprised of the following representatives:

Legislator - Senate

               Senator Llew Jones

Legislator – House

               Representative Ryan Lynch


               Lola Raska, MT Grain Growers Association

Natural Resources Industry

               Larry Simkins, Washington Companies

Health-Biomedical Industry

               Ron Zook, Swan Valley Medical

Montana State University

               President Waded Cruzado

University of Montana

               President Royce Engstrom

Commissioner of Higher Education

              Commissioner Clayton Christian