General Education Council 

The responsibilities of the Montana University System (MUS) General Education Council include periodic review of the MUS Core, and approving the general education courses from each campus that satisfy the MUS Core. The Council is defined in Board Policy 301.10 (section II.F). Council members are:

  • Nathan Lindsay,  UM Missoula
  • Leanne Frost, Great Falls College
  • Matt Redinger,  MSU Billings
  • Jessica Hopkins, Flathead Valley CC
  • Robyn Kiesling,  Helena College
  • Rachel Anderson,  MSU Bozeman
  • Gary Succaw, MSU Northern
  • Traci Masau, Dawson CC
  • Garth Sleight, Miles CC
  • Carmen Taylor, Aaniiih Nakoda College
  • Hilary Risser, Montana Tech
  • Bill Janus, UM Western
  • Joe Thiel, OCHE

Meeting Minutes: