The "single admissions file" process, is a service established in Policy 301.5.4 and was approved by the Montana Board of Regents in May 2005. Single File

When students apply for admission to one of the campuses of the Montana University System, several documents are required as part of the application process. Those documents are used by the campus to determine if students have met the requirements for admission, and may include such things as a standard application form with basic biographical information, a high school transcript or diploma, immunization records, transcripts from other colleges, ACT or SAT scores and so on.

Current Montana University System students who wish to attend another campus in the Montana University System can now ask to have that admissions file sent on, instead of creating an entirely new file with the same documents. Before this new process was approved, students had to assemble an original admissions file at every Montana University System campus they attended, and that usually meant an entirely new set of original documents even though many of those documents were already available at another campus. With the adoption of this new process, a student's admissions file is very much like a patient's medical records. It is assembled once, and then it follows the student wherever he/she decides to go within the System. Additional documents will be added to the admissions file, including transcripts of the classes attempted by the student at each institution he/she attends. But for most students, the basic documents will only have to be assembled once.

Who Can Use the Single Admission File Service?

This policy does not apply to students who are new to the Montana University System, and who apply for admission to several different campuses because they are still uncertain about their educational plans. These students will have to prepare an original admissions file and pay the $30 application fee for each campus they are applying to.

This policy does apply to students once they have been accepted to a campus and actually enrolled. The "single admissions file" service can then be used if:

  • a student decides to transfer to another unit of the Montana University System; or
  • a student decides to take classes at more than one unit of the Montana University System during a semester.

How to Use the Single Admission File Service

This policy does not guarantee admission to institutions that receive the admissions file, but is only intended to assist students in the collection and transmittal of information necessary to apply for admission to units of the Montana University System. Admissions decisions are up to the individual units of the Montana University System.