About the Initiative

In partnership with the Education Design Lab, the Montana Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education, and Montana’s public two-year colleges, announced the launch of the Year-to-Career Initiative. Through an EDL-facilitated design process, colleges, employers, learners, and local stakeholders are collaboratively designing skills-focused micro-pathway programs to meet the state’s growing workforce needs.

Through this initiative, 12 Montana colleges will undergo a two-year transformation to enhance their role as sustainable engines of economic growth and regional talent suppliers. Participating institutions will establish 12-20 micro-pathways –stackable credentials that can be flexibly earned in less than a year. These programs will put learners both on the path to an associate degree or to immediate employment in high-demand fields across the state.

Our Guiding Star

The shared vision for our Year-to-Career micro-pathway is to collaboratively design and market pathways to increase the value of career-connected, workforce education and training across the state Montana by streamlining our ability to connect our students to pathways that lead to industry recognized credentials that result in sustainable wage jobs.


Progress Updates

Presentations to the Board of Regents