As the Montana University System campuses continue to grow their efforts to support American Indian students, many have looked to create Land Acknowledgement Statements. While no one certain path fits for all campuses in this process, the acknowledgement works best when it is as inclusive as possible as you engage in the creation of your statement.  The resources below are intended to support a greater understanding of the importance of intent and use as well as to provide examples of items to consider as you navigate this significant effort. 

If these resources do not provide the answers you are looking for, please contact Angela McLean at the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education.  Angela can connect you with additional resources and individuals who may guide you to best next steps. Additionally, if you have resources that may be helpful to others, please send them for inclusion in this resource list.

Land Acknowledgment Resources

Montana State University  and University of Montana Statements and Use

Documents for Reference


A Note of Thanks: 

Thank you to Kate Shanley, Mike Jetty, Kathi Meier and Amy Verlanic for their contributions to this effort.