Budget, Administration & Finance Committee

Established September 23, 2004


  • Regent Casey Lozar, Chair
  • Regent Bob Nystuen
  • Regent Paul Tuss

Charge to the Committee:

  • Establish budget policy and processes for the Montana University System
  • Approve annual operating budgets
  • Set tuition and fee rates
  • Allocate state appropriations to the campuses
  • Establish biennial budget requests, priorities, and initiatives
  • Approve the Long Range Building Priority list
  • Authorize and approve facility construction project
  • Review and evaluate operating budget metrics and enrollment projections
  • Approve financing plans, including revenue bonds and INTERCAP loans
  • Review audit reports and findings
  • Approve staff and compensation policy and proposals, as well as collective bargaining agreements
  • Review and evaluate enterprise risks and strategies


Updated:  April 17, 2018

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