July 10-11, 2007
Great Falls

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dean's Conference Room
MSU-Great Falls College of Technology
2100 16th Ave. South, Great Falls


3:00 PM       Board Convenes

  1. Board Review of Committee Assignments: Regent Hamilton

  2. Discussion of Board Self-evaluation Proposal

  3. Executive Session: Personnel Evaluations (Commissioner Stearns and President Dennison)

5:00 PM       Board Recesses

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

McLaughlin Center in Providence Hall University of Great Falls
1301 20th Street South, Great Falls

9:00 AM       Board Convenes

  1. Roll Call and Introductions

  2. Approval of Minutes

9:05 AM       ACTION 

  1. Certification of Election for Ravalli Community College District
    ITEM 136-102-R0707 | Supporting Materials 136-102-R0707

  2. Authorization of Easement to Northern Lights Development Company, Fort Missoula Property - ITEM 136-1001-R0707| Supporting Materials 136-1001-R0707


  1. Report on the Montana Family Education Savings Program -
    Composite Performance | Informed Advisor | Press Release | Pacific Life Portfolio (PowerPoint slideshow)
  2. Discussion of Student Loan Issues
  3. MUS Biennial Planning Cycle
  4. LRBP Priority Projects - Ag Experiment Stations
  5. Campus Reports

10:45 AM     CONSENT

Staff Items:

  1. Office of Commissioner - ITEM 136-100-R0707
  2. UM-Missoula -  ITEM 136-1000-R0707
  3. Montana Tech of UM -ITEM 136-1500-R0707
  4. UM-Western -ITEM 136-1600-R0707
  5. MSU-Billings - ITEM 136-2700-0707
  6. Professor Emeritus of Journalism: Sharon Barrett; UM-Missoula  - ITEM 136-1005-R0707
  7. Professor Emeritus of Arts and Humanities: Harry Fritz, Professor of History, College of Arts and Sciences; UM-Missoula - ITEM 136-1006-R0707
  8. Professor Emeritus of Art and Humanities: Anthony Mattina; UM-Missoula - ITEM 136-1007-R0707
  9. Professor Emeritus of Chemistry: Edward E. Waali; UM-Missoula - ITEM 136-1008-R0707
  10. Professor Emeritus of English: Kathleen M. Gadbow; UM-Missoula - ITEM 136-1009-R0707
  11. Professor Emeritus of English: Michael William McClintock; UM-Missoula - ITEM 136-1010-R0707
  12. Professor Emeritus of Arts and Humanities: Ludmilla Prednewa; UM-Missoula - ITEM 136-1011-R0707
  13. Professor Emeritus of Mining Engineering: John Brower; Montana Tech of UM - ITEM 136-1501-R0707
  14. Professor Emeritus of Liberal Studies: Robert L. Holdsworth; Montana Tech of UM -  ITEM 136-1502-R0707
  15. Professor Emeritus of Music: Lowell Hickman; MSU Bozeman - ITEM 136-2001-0707

Administrative/Budget Items:

  1. Student Equipment Fee Allocation; MSU-Bozeman -  ITEM 136-2002-0707
  2. Student Computer Fee Allocation; MSU-Bozeman - ITEM 136-2003-0707
  3. Greenhouse Removal and Construction; Montana Tech of UM - ITEM 136-1504-0707

Labor Agreements/Other

  1. Montana Rural Physicians Incentive Program
    ITEM 136-103-R0707
  2. Operating Engineers: Four-year Campuses
    ITEM 136-104-R0707| Supporting Materials 136-104-R0707
  3. University Faculty Association; UM-Missoula
    ITEM 136-105-R0707| Supporting Materials 136-105-R0707
  4. Operating Engineers: 5 Colleges of Technology -
    ITEM 136-106-R0707| Supporting Materials 136-106-R0707
  5. MSU Nurses -  
    ITEM 136-107-R0707| Supporting Materials 136-107-R0707
  6. Appointment of Motorcycle Safety Advisory Committee -
    ITEM 136-108-R0707
  7. Appointments to Local Executive Boards -
    ITEM 136-109-R0707 | Supporting Materials 136-109-R0707

11:00 AM     Board Recesses for Tour
                     (all attendees welcome for tour at MSU-Great Falls COT)

1:00 PM       Planning Session – Regents, Commissioner, OCHE Senior Staff, and Campus CEO’s  
                   Location: Sletten Regional Cancer Center–Hope Education Center

5:00 PM       Board Adjourns


Other than the meeting starting time, times listed are approximate.  In addition, agenda items may be rearranged unless an item is listed as having a “time certain.”  Action may be taken on any item listed on the Board or Committee Agendas.  Public comment is welcome on all items.

The Board of Regents will make reasonable accommodations for known disabilities that may interfere with an individual's ability to participate.  Persons requiring such accommodations should make their requests to the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education as soon as possible before the meeting to allow adequate time for special arrangements.  You may call or write to: ADA Coordinator, P. O. Box 203201, Helena MT 59620-3201, 406-444-6570, 1-800-253-4091 (TDD)