Montana State University-Billings
Lewis and Clark Room - Student Union Building

Wednesday, September 19, 2007
12:30 – 4:00 PM


12:35 PM       ACTION

  1. Exception to Policy 301.12, Aviation Technology, UM-Helena College of Technology. ITEM 136-103-R0907

  2. Compliance report on Policy 301.12, Undergraduate Degree requirements.
    ITEM 136-104-R0907
    | Supporting Materials 136-104-R0907

  3. Recommendation on College Preparatory Program exemptions.
    ITEM 136-106-R0907 | Supporting Materials 136-106-R0907

Level II Items

  1. Minor in Health Communication, MSU-Billings.
    ITEM 136-2701-R0707
    | Supporting Materials 136-2701-R0707

  2. Certificates of Applied Science in Network Infrastructure and EMT – Intermediate 99, MSU-Great Falls College of Technology.
    ITEM 136-2851-R0707
    | Supporting Materials 136-2851-R0707

  3. Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training, UM-Missoula.
    ITEM 136-1002-R0707 | Supporting Materials 136-1002-R0707

  4. Department of Educational Leadership and Department of Counselor
    Education, UM-Missoula.
    ITEM 136-1003-R0707
    | Supporting Materials 136-1003-R0707

  5. Montana Center for Work Physiology and Exercise Metabolism, UM-Missoula. ITEM 136-1004-R0707 | Supporting Materials 136-1004-R0707

  6. The College of Letters, Sciences and Professional Studies, Montana Tech of UM-Missoula. ITEM 136-1503-R0707 | Supporting Materials 136-1503-R0707

  7. Certificates of Applied Science in Bookkeeping, Small Business Entrepreneurship Technology, Computer Assistant, Carpentry, Machine Tool Technology, Welding Technology, and Office Assistant, UM-Helena College of Technology. ITEM 136-1901-R0707 | Supporting Materials 136-1901-R0707

  8. Associate of Applied Science degree in Electrical Technology, Flathead Valley Community College. ITEM 136-301-R0707 | Supporting Materials 136-301-R0707


  1. Update on student loan issues – Commissioner Stearns and OCHE staff.

  2. Preview of admissions/placement/remediation policies – Jan Clinard, OCHE.

  3. Teacher education accreditation – Provost Dooley, MSU-Bozeman.

  4. Indian Education for All: MSU-Bozeman’s recent grant – Provost Dooley, MSU-Bozeman.

  5. Distance education initiatives from the OCHE/campus match program – Tom Gibson, OCHE.

  6. Update on nursing programs.
    1. Recent decisions by the State Board of Nursing
    2. Report on PN Nursing at Flathead Valley Community College

3:40 PM         CONSENT- Level I memorandum.

3:45 PM         PUBLIC COMMENT

4:00 PM         ADJOURN


Other than the meeting starting time, times listed are approximate.  In addition, agenda items may be rearranged unless an item is listed as having a “time certain.”  Action may be taken on any item listed on the Board or Committee Agendas.  Public comment is welcome on all items.
The Board of Regents will make reasonable accommodations for known disabilities that may interfere with an individual's ability to participate.  Persons requiring such accommodations should make their requests to the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education as soon as possible before the meeting to allow adequate time for special arrangements.  You may call or write to: ADA Coordinator, P. O. Box 203201, Helena MT 59620-3201, 406-444-6570, 1-800-253-4091 (TDD)