Montana State University-Northern
Ballroom, Student Union Building

Thursday, May 29, 2008
1:00 – 4:00 PM


1:00 PM         Roll Call, Introductions and Review of Minutes

1:10 PM         ACTION

  1. Revision of Board of Regents’ Policy 806.1, Supervising teachers; payment
    ITEM 139-101-R0508 | Supporting Material ITEM 139-101-R0508 Attachment 1 | Attachment 2

  2. Exception to Board of Regents’ Policy 301.12  A.A.S. degree in Physical Therapy Assistant, MSU-Great Falls College of Technology  
    ITEM 139-104-R0508 | Supporting Material ITEM 139-104-R0508

  3. Exception to Board of Regents’ Policy 301.12,  C.A.S. in Health Information Coding, MSU-Great Falls College of Technology  
    ITEM 139-105-R0508| Supporting Material ITEM 139-105-R0508
  4. Moratorium status for programs that do not comply with Regent Policy 301.12   ITEM 139-107-R0508

Level II Items

  1. Associate of Arts degree in Rehabilitation and Related Services, MSU-Billings
    ITEM 138-2705-R0108 | Supporting Materials ITEM 138-2705-R0108

  2. Certificate of Applied Science and Associate of Applied Science degree in Construction Technology-Carpentry, MT Tech of UM COT 
    ITEM 138-1503-R0308 | Supporting Materials ITEM 138-1503-R0308

  3. Montana Math and Science Academy, MT Tech of UM 
    ITEM 138-1504-R0308 | Supporting Materials ITEM 138-1504-R0308

2:00 PM         DISCUSSION

  1. Report on transfer students and the Regent policy on General Education - Roger Barber, OCHE

  2. Update on the 2007 – 2008 Montana University System Writing Assessment (MUSWA) - Jan Clinard, OCHE

  3. Two-year education in the Gallatin Valley – President Gamble and David Dooley, MSU-Bozeman


3:00 PM         INFORMATION

  1. Report on the accelerated approval process for certificates and A.A.S. Degrees - Roger Barber, OCHE

  2. Report on the site audits of Regent Policy 301.5.1, System of Controls - Roger Barber, OCHE

  3. Update on UM-Missoula summer program for at-risk students - Arlene Walker-Andrews, UM-Missoula

  4. Teacher education and tribal colleges, MSU-Northern

3:30 PM         CONSENT

                      Level I memorandum 

3:45 PM         Public Comment

4:00 PM         ADJOURN on completion of business