Montana State University-Northern
SUB Ballroom

Thursday, May 29, 2008
9:00 – 11:50 AM

9:00 AM         Roll Call and Review of Minutes


9:05 AM        

  1. Approval of Campus Present Law Budgets  ITEM 139-114-R0508| Assumptions | Ed Units | Agencies
  2. Budget Initiatives – Board Direction [ Presentation ]
  3. Approval of MUS Long Range Building Program Priorities
    [ MUS Energy Conservation Projects | Recommended Priorities ]
  4. Energy Conservation ResolutionITEM 139-110-R0508 |Supporting Material ITEM 139-110-R0508
  5. FY09 Community Colleges Tuition Increases ITEM 139-115-R0508 | FVCC | DCC
  6. Approval of the Montana Research and Education Network Business Plan  ITEM 139-116-R0508
  7. Policy Adoption - Montana Environmental Policy Act Guidelines
    ITEM 139-106-R0508 | Supporting Material ITEM 139-106-R0508


10:30 AM

  1. Annual Presentation re: Montana Family Education Savings Program – Pacific Life Representatives

    Recommendations from the Family Education Savings Program Oversight Committee to the Board of Regents (not on advance copy)

  2. Negative Fund Balances Update
  3. Campus Finance Update - Reallocations
  4. Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement #45


11:30 AM

  1. Audit Reports – KUFM Radio; UM-Missoula - June 30, 2007 - Unqualified Opinion
  2. Annual Status Report of Regents Building Authority; UM-Missoula (Attachment)
  3. Annual Status Report of Regents Building Authority; MSU-Bozeman (Attachment)


11:40 AM

  1. Increase the ASMSU Intramural Student Activity Fee; MSU-Bozeman
    ITEM 139-2009-R0508| Attachment A | Attachment B | Attachment C

  2. Policy Revision – Montana Rural Physicians Incentive Program
    ITEM 139-108-R0508 | Supporting Material ITEM 139-108-R0508

  3. Policy Revision – Negative Fund Balances 
    ITEM 139-111-R0508 | Supporting Material ITEM 139-111-R0508

  4. Student Computer Fee Employment Allocation; UM-Missoula 
    ITEM 139-1008-R0508

  5. Student Computer Fee Equipment Allocation; UM-Missoula 
    ITEM 139-1009-R0508

  6. Student Computer Fees Allocation; MT Tech of UM  ITEM139-1505-R0508

  7. Student Computer Fee Allocation; MSU Billings  ITEM 139-2701-0508

  8. Accept Gifted Property; UM-Missoula  ITEM 139-1010-R0508

  9. Authorization for One-Stop Shop Remodel; MT Tech of UM 
    ITEM 139-1501-R0508

  10. Approve Foundation Operating Agreement; MT Tech of UM 
    ITEM 139-1502-R0508

  11. Life Safety Improvements PE Complex; UM Western ITEM 139-1601-R0508

  12. Grant Easement to USDE on Northern Ag Research Center; MAES & MSU-Bozeman ITEM 139-2008-0508

  13. Construct Outdoor Recreation Center; MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 139-2010-0508

  14. Paint Existing Auxiliaries Facilities; MSU-Bozeman  ITEM 139-2011-0508

  15. Right of Way Agreement with the MT Dept of Transportation; MSU-Bozeman 
    ITEM 139-2012-0508


11:50 AM       ADJOURN on completion of business