Conference Call Meeting
July 12-13, 2018

Dial 415-655-0002
Conference ID 926 499 739

Statewide Locations for 7/12 Board of Regents Conference Call Meeting:
Billings:  MSU-Billings, McMullen 305
Bozeman:  MSU, President’s Office, 211 Montana Hall
Butte:  MT Tech, Chancellor’s Office
Dillon:  University of MT Western, Chancellor’s Office, Roe House
Glendive:  Dawson Community College, President’s Office
Great Falls:  Great Falls College-MSU, Dean’s Office
Havre:  MSU-Northern, Chancellor’s Office, Cowan Hall, Room 200
Helena:  OCHE, 560 North Park Ave.
Kalispell:  Flathead Valley Community College, President’s Office
Miles City:  Miles Community College, President’s Office
Missoula:  UM, President’s Office, Main Hall

If you wish to participate in this meeting and cannot attend any of the above-listed locations please contact Amy Unsworth at the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education (OCHE) at (406) 449-9127 on or before Wednesday, July 11, 2018.

Thursday, July 12, 2018
Elkhorn View Lodge | 88 Howard Beer Rd. | Clancy, MT

11:00 AM   Executive Session
  • Annual Review - Commissioner Christian
  • Annual Review - President Cruzado
  • Annual Review – President Bodnar
  • Honorary Doctorate Nomination – MSU
1:00 PM   Board Self-Evaluation & Planning Session

Friday, July 13, 2018
Conference Room A | OCHE Offices & via Conference Call

9:00 AM   Meeting reconvenes

Approval of Minutes

  1. Campus Reports
  1. Montana Rural Physician Incentive Program (MRPIP), Applicant Approvals; OCHE
    ITEM 180-101-R0718

  2. Request to Execute a Utility Easement with Montana-Dakota Utilities Co.; Montana Agricultural Station ITEM 180-2301-R0718 | Attachment #1 | Attachment #2 | Attachment #3

Emeriti Faculty

  1. Hudgins; UM Missoula ITEM 180-1002-R0718
  2. Rivey; UM Missoula ITEM 180-1003-R0718

Staff Items

  1. Staff Item; OCHE ITEM 180-100-R0718
  2. Staff Item; MSU Bozeman ITEM 180-2000-R0718
  1. Revision to Policy 940.13- Tuition Waivers; OCHE ITEM 180-102-R0718 |Attachment #1

  2. Revision to Policy 705.1 – Executive Officer Review and Board Stewardship Assessment; OCHE ITEM 180-103-R0718 | Attachment #1

  3. Remodel Liberal Arts (Eck Hall) East Classrooms and Restrooms; UM-Missoula
    ITEM 180-1001-R0718

  4. Request to Refinance Series J 2005 Bonds; MSU Bozeman ITEM 180-2001-R0718 | Attachment #1 | Attachment #2 | Attachment #3 | Attachment #4

  5. Authorization to Execute Purchase of Property; Helena CollegeITEM 180-1901-R0718 | Attachment #1 | Attachment #2 | Attachment #3
9:30 AM   Public Comment
11:00 AM   ADJOURN on Completion of Business


Action may be taken on any item listed on the Board Agenda.
Public comment is welcome on all items.
This call will be recorded.