May 20, 2020

Committee Members: Regent Martha Sheehy, Chair; Regent Paul Tuss; Regent Brianne Rogers; Regent John Miller



  1. Request for Approval to Revise BOR Policy 504.4; OCHE/MUS ITEM 188-103-R0520 | Attachment #1
  2. Mission Statement Review; UM Western ITEM 188-1601-R0520
  3. Level II Proposals Executive Summary │Supporting Documentation | New Program Tracking
  4. Request to Plan Proposals (May)


  1. 2020-2021 Academic Calendar
  2. COVID-19 Response – Student Engagement, Mental Health, and Retention
  3. COVID-19 Response – College Access Efforts & AIMA Engagement
  4. COVID-19 Response – Remote Delivery Update and Planning
  5. Level I Memorandum (February, March)

Adjourn on completion of business