March 11, 2021

Committee Members: Regent Joyce Dombrouski, Chair; Regent Bob Nystuen; Regent Casey Lozar; Regent Todd Buchanan


Staff Items:

  1. Labor Agreement; OCHE/MUS ITEM 193-100-R0321 | Attachment #1
  2. Highlands College Faculty; MT Tech ITEM 193-1501-R0321 | Attachment #1
  3. Request for Approval of University System/Employee Equity Interest and/or Business Participation under MUSP 407; UM Missoula ITEM 193-1007-R0321 | Attachment #1

Emeriti Faculty:

  1. Swift, UM Missoula; ITEM 193-1004-R0321
  2. Madigan, MT Tech; ITEM 193-1502-R0321
  3. Welch, MSU Northern; ITEM 193-2801-R0321

Facility Items:

  1. Request for Authorization to Amend the Financing Plan for the Construction of the Bobcat Athletic Complex; MSU Bozeman ITEM 193-2001-R0321 | Attachment #1
  2. Request for Authorization to Expend $750,000 of General Spending Authority for Engineering Research Lab Build Out; MSU Bozeman ITEM 193-2002-R0321 | Attachment #1
  3. Request for Authorization to Expend $900,000 of General Spending Authority for South Campus Infrastructure; MSU Bozeman ITEM 193-2003-R0321 | Attachment #1
  4. Request for Authorization to Expend $1,300,000 in General Spending Authority for Health and Human Development Research Lab Expansion; MSU Bozeman ITEM 193-2004-R0321 | Attachment #1
  5. Request for Approval to Proceed with Planning and Design - Steam System Distribution Upgrades and Repairs; MT Tech ITEM 193-1504-R0321 | Attachment #1
  6. Request for Authorization to Lease Land to Bozeman Fire Department; MSU Bozeman ITEM 193-2005-R0321


  1. State Appropriations - MUS Allocation Process
  2. Student Life Master Plan; UM Missoula Information Item | Attachment #1
  3. Request for Approval to Revise Language in Board of Regents Policy 713.1- Workplace Safety; Workers' Compensation; MUS/OCHE Information Item | Attachment #1
  4. Request for Approval to Create Board of Regents Policy Related to the MUS Compliance Reporting Hotline; MUS/OCHE Information Item | Attachment #1

Adjourn upon completion of business