Level I Proposals

The Board of Regents has designated approval authority to individual institutions and the Commissioner of Higher Education for certain academic requests. These requests are to be submitted for notification or approval by the Commissioner as Level I proposals. Level I proposals may be submitted to OCHE at any time by the flagship campuses or community colleges and will be processed on a rolling monthly schedule. The approval of such proposals will be conveyed to the Board of Regents at the next meeting of the board. Level I proposals include campus initiatives typically characterized by minimal costs, clear adherence to approved campus mission, and the absence of significant programmatic impact on other institutions within the MUS and community colleges.

Next Level I item Due Date: September 24
*All Level I items should be submitted to Joe Thiel.

View the submission/approval schedule for Level I proposals

View forms for Level I proposals.


Item Template-Campus Approval

Academic Proposal Request Form-Campus Approval

Item Template-OCHE Approval

Academic Proposal Request Form-OCHE Approval

Program Termination/Moratorium Form-OCHE Approval

Item Numbering
The numbering of Level I academic items is slightly different than other academic and regular Board items. Level I items should be numbered as follows:


AAA - The statutory quarter in which the item is submitted. See the Board Agenda Handbook to determine this quarter's designation. (The numbers change in January, April, July, and October of each year.)

BBBB- The campus identifier. See the Board Agenda Handbook to determine your campus designation.

LI- The submission type. LI represents only Level I items.

DDDD- The month and last two digits of the year the item is submitted.


Level I Items Approved since the Last Meeting of the Board of Regents