Next Request to Plan Due Date: July 28th 

In the first stages of development of a new postsecondary educational program or academic, research, or administrative unit, institutions should submit a Request to Plan (RTP) to notify other institutions of the MUS and community college, the Commissioner of Higher Education, and the Board of Regents of a proposed program. This notification will allow for early collaboration and discussion to occur among and between concerned parties and provide an early formal opportunity for the Board of Regents to comment on the programs suitability and fit with the campus mission and state need. Requests to Plan are submitted to OCHE with the approval signatures of the chief academic officer, chief executive officer, flagship provost, and flagship president as applicable depending on the institution. Requests may be submitted at any regular meeting of the Board of Regents (March, May, September, November). The Board of Regents in their approval of a Request to Plan may include commentary or direction to guide the institution or OCHE in development and final review of the proposed program.

*All Requests to Plan should be submitted to Joe Thiel.