RE: Clery Act Compliance – Ensuring Consistent Processes, Procedures and Reporting

EFFECTIVE DATE: November 9, 2018

In order to fulfill the requirements of the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act) as required by the United States Department of Education and 34 CFR 668.46, it is imperative that all MUS campuses effectively use available resources and tools to report campus crimes and referrals. The Clery Act requires compliance with multiple security policies and consistent processes and procedures to ensure data is accurately and timely reported.

In order to promote a consistent approach throughout the Montana University System (MUS) and to provide accurate and timely reporting of Clery Act reportable information, including crime statistics and security information; the Montana University System will:

  • Conduct a comprehensive and campus specific assessment of all current operations, processes, and procedures related to the Clery Act.
  • Pursue, secure and consistently implement one system-wide contract for software which will enable MUS campuses to monitor student conduct and accurately and timely identify and report Clery Act required statistical information.
  • Provide comprehensive Clery Act training for appropriate campus personnel.
  • Will require all campuses to implement and actively use the system-wide software, processes, policies and procedures in a consistent manner.
  • Assign internal audit staff to assess the baseline implementation of new required software, processes, policies and procedures and will routinely assess to ensure adherence to these systems.
  • Direct campus leadership to ensure adequate financial and personnel resources are dedicated to maintain an effective level of administrative capacity for sound reporting and overall compliance with the Clery Act.

Clayton T. Christian
Commissioner of Higher Education

Commissioner’s directives are official interpretations and guidance issued by the Commissioner of Higher Education; they remain in effect as system directives until withdrawn or revised by the Commissioner or superseded by action of the Board of Regents.