EFFECTIVE DATE: March 7, 2018

State law establishes limitations on university fitness center memberships. Pursuant to § 20-25-332, MCA, a university fitness center may not sell a contract or charge a monthly fee to individual members of the public to use a university fitness center if a for-profit fitness center offering similar services operates in the community where the university fitness center operates.

This provision does not prohibit a university from selling a contract or charging a monthly fee to alumni of the university, provided the university complies with the membership limitation for alumni set forth in § 20-25-332, MCA, or to students, employees, or the immediate family members of students or employees. In addition, a university may sell daily passes to relatives of university students or employees. However, a university may not sell a contract or charge a monthly fee for use of a fitness center facility to a retired employee of the university or to any other individual who is not specifically referenced in § 20-25-332, MCA.

This directive does not apply to a campus with less than 3,500 full-time students or to a university’s swimming pool facilities, golf courses, or youth camps.


Clayton T. Christian
Commissioner of Higher Education

Commissioner's directives are official interpretations and guidance issued by the Commissioner of Higher Education; they remain in effect as system directives until withdrawn or revised by the Commissioner or superseded by action of the Board of Regents.