Goal Statement

Promote postsecondary education affordability

Goal 1:  Access & Affordability

System Initiatives: Tuition Freeze:

  • Freeze on tuition for 12 out 14 years at all two- year colleges (FY08 – FY17, FY20-FY21).
  • Regional 4-year campuses (Tech, MSUN, MSUN, and UMW) tuition frozen for 10 out of 14 years since
  • MSU and UM, tuition frozen during 8 of the past 14 years.

Regional Comparison 2018-19:

(avg. academic year tuition and fees for full-time students)

MSU/UM = $7,260
Regional Peers = $9,310

MSUB, Tech, UMW, MSUN = $6,253
Regional Peers = $7,642

MUS 2-yr Colleges = $3,573
Regional Peers = $3,889

Financial Literacy:

Campuses in the MUS are taking a coordinated and collaborative approach toward decreasing student loan debt. Assisted by grant funds obtained by OCHE, efforts to educate and communicate to students and parents the various resources available for paying for college, as well as improving students' abilities to manage their own finances are now occurring on all MUS campus.


Objective 1.3.1

Decrease average loan amounts and the percentage of students borrowing

Objective 1.3.2

Decrease tuition as a percentage of median household income

Objective 1.3.3

Increase the amount of state support as a percentage of total personal income relative to peer states and historical levels