Goal Statement

Make higher education more affordable by offering more need-based financial aid and scholarships

Goal 1: Access & Affordability

MUS State Funded Need-based Aid Programs

Annually, MUS students collectively receive approximately $40M per year in Federal Pell Grants.  At MUS 2-year campuses, between 40% to 50% of first-time, full-time resident students receive Pell Grants, while at MUS 4-year Pell Grants are awarded to 30% to 35% of students.  The Pell Grant represents $95% of the total need-based aid awarded in the MUS.  


Objective 1.2.1

Reduce the unmet student need for financial aid (increase need-based aid)

Metric 1.2.1


The average amount of state funded need-based aid per student in the nation ($890 per student) is more than ten times the amount in MUS.  (source: National Assoc. of State Grant and Aid Programs)

Objective 1.2.2

Increase the percentage of students who receive grants and scholarships, as well as the average amount awarded.