Goal Statement

Make higher education more affordable by offering more need-based financial aid and scholarships

Goal 1: Access & Affordability

MUS State Funded Need-based Aid Programs, FY19

  • MT Access Scholarship = $1,000,000
  • State Work Study = $815,781
  • State SEOG Match = $458,160
  • Total Need-based Aid = $2,273,941

MT Access Scholarship

New in FY20, the MUS embarked on a rejuvenated effort to provide state funded need-based aid. The 2019 Legislature appropriated $1M per year for need-based aid, contingent on MUS campus foundations providing matching dollars.

As of November 2020, 95% of the matching funds have been raised for the biennium.

In FY20, approximately 2,000 students received MT Access awards of $500 per semester.


Objective 1.2.1

Reduce the unmet student need for financial aid (increase need-based aid)

Metric 1.2.1


The average amount of state funded need-based aid per student in the nation ($890 per student) is more than ten times the amount in MUS.  (source: National Assoc. of State Grant and Aid Programs)

Objective 1.2.2

Increase the percentage of students who receive grants and scholarships, as well as the average amount awarded.