Goal Statement

Prepare students for success in life through quality higher education

Goal 1:  Access & Affordability

System Initiatives:  

MT Project 10

Goal Statement

Expand comprehensive student success program to additional institutions in the MUS to enhance system-wide retention and completion efforts. 

Action Steps

  1. Program Expansion: Develop campus plans with additional four-year and two-year campus partners to implement supports to accelerate academic progress, remove financial barriers to attendance, and increase students’ purpose and belonging.
  2. Serve Students: Continue to support initial cohort of 230 students and expand program to serve an additional 1,000 Pell-eligible and non-Pell-eligible students over two years. 
  3. Rigorously Evaluate: Partner with external evaluator to rigorously assess program implementation, student outcomes, and return on investment. 
  4. Sustainability: Actively seek multi-pronged funding approach that will support sustainable program delivery at participating campuses and expansion to other MUS institutions. 


Objective 1.1.2

Increase retention rates within the Montana University System

Metric 1.1.2 

Objective 1.1.3

Increase graduation rates within the Montana University System

Metric 1.1.3