Goal Statement

Prepare students for success in life through quality higher education

Goal 1:  Access & Affordability

System Initiatives:  

MT Project 10

Goal Statement

Rigorously pilot a student success intervention to improve retention and completion among low income students.

Action Steps

  1. Campus Planning: Develop campus plans for implementing supports to accelerate academic progress, remove financial barriers to attendance, and increase students’ purpose and belonging.
  2. Serve Students: Enroll 300 Pell-eligible students at three MUS campuses in the pilot program in Fall 2020.
  3. Rigorously Evaluate: Rigorously track student progress, comparing program students to similar students not selected to participate.


Objective 1.1.2

Increase retention rates within the Montana University System

Metric 1.1.2 

Objective 1.1.3

Increase graduation rates within the Montana University System

Metric 1.1.3