Natural Science

Requirement:  6 semester credits (at least one class must include a lab component)

Science is a creative human endeavor devoted to discovering the principles that rule the physical universe, including the biological world. The natural world is law-driven and science is the method of investigating by asking and answering questions about processes that can be observed and measured, to help us understand nature and the physical universe.
Natural Science core courses will:

  • demonstrate the experimental basis of science and how scientists accumulate new knowledge;
  • demonstrate the methods scientists use to gather, validate, and interpret data within the broad area of the specific discipline being studied;
  • demonstrate important scientific facts and how those facts help us understand our observations and the laws that govern the natural world;
  • explore the goals and limitations of science.

Upon completion of the Natural Science core, students will be able to:

  • identify and solve problems using methods of the discipline;
  • use logical skills to make judgments;
  • demonstrate thinking, comprehension, and expression of subject matter;
  • communicate effectively using scientific terminology;
  • use quantitative skills to solve problems;
  • integrate through analysis;
  • demonstrate the relationship between actions and consequences;
  • discuss the role of science in the development of modern technological civilization.

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