Female student welding wearing protective gear.


Gender Nontraditional Career student: one who is pursuing a career or technical program for an occupation that employs less than 25% of their gender.

Why would I choose a nontraditional career?

  • Careers should be chosen based on interests and abilities, not baseless stereotypes.
  • Women can earn up to 30% more in nontraditional fields.
  • Nontraditional fields may be better suited to your unique life goals.
  • Nontraditional students can learn new ways of thinking and working with others and become change makers by offering new perspectives in a field.

Male nursing student stands over a dummy patient.

What are nontraditional careers for my gender identity?*

*This is not an exclusive list and some specific career paths within a broader workforce category may not be considered nontraditional. For example, though much of STEM is considered nontraditional for women, environmental scientist is not. Likewise, though much of health sciences is considered nontraditional for men, physical therapists and radiologic technicians are not. For a more extensive list of nontraditional fields and associated occupations, please refer to PCRN's 2020 Nontraditonal Crosswalk.


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