Qualification Requirements

  • Per 20-26-1511, MCA, the amount to be reimbursed must be reimbursed in equal annual installments over four years as long as the participant continues to work at either the Montana state prison or Montana state hospital. 
    • An application must be created and submitted each year, for up to four years.
  • A participant who works less than a full 12-month period must receive a reimbursement that is prorated to reflect the amount of time worked during those 12 months. In addition, participants must be licensed to practice as registered professional nurse pursuant to 37-8-406, MCA.
  • An individual with a loan balance of less than $1,000 is not eligible for the program. Qualified nursing education loans being repaid under any other loan repayment program  are not eligible for repayment under MINIP. 

Please direct any questions to AwardMontana@montana.edu or 1-800-537-7508