Montana State University-Bozeman
Ballroom D, Strand Union Building

Thursday, November 15, 2007
8:15 a.m. – 12 noon 

8:15 AM         Roll Call and Review of Minutes

8:20 AM         ACTION

  1. Revisions to Policy 301.10, General Education Block Transfer Policy. 
    ITEM 137-101-R1107 | Supporting Material ITEM 137-101-R1107

  2. Revisions to Policy 303.3, Program Review, to eliminate the section on “underutilized” programs. 
    ITEM 137-102-R1107 | Supporting Material ITEM 137-102-R1107

  3. Composition Placement, a new policy for the Montana University System. 
    ITEM 137-104-R1107 | Supporting Material ITEM 137-104-R1107

  4. Revisions to Policy 301.15, Mathematics Proficiency Admissions Standards for Four-Year Programs, to set a proficiency standard that allows for provisional admissions.  ITEM 137-105-R1107 | Supporting Material ITEM 137-105-R1107

  5. Developmental Coursework, a new policy for the Montana University System.  ITEM 137-106-R1107 | Supporting Material ITEM 137-106-R1107

Level II Items

  1. Center for Native Health Partnerships, Montana State University-Bozeman.  ITEM 136-2005-R0907 | Supporting Material ITEM 136-2005-R0907

  2. Astrobiology and Biogeocatalysis Research Center, Montana State University-Bozeman. ITEM 136-2006-R0907 | Supporting Material ITEM 136-2006-R0907

  3. The Energy Institute, Montana State University-Bozeman. 
    ITEM 136-2002-R0907 | Supporting Material ITEM 136-2002-R0907

  4. Certificate in Practical Nursing and Associate of Science degree in Registered Nursing, Montana State University-Billings College of Technology. 
    ITEM 136-2703-R0907 | Supporting Material ITEM 136-2703-R0907

  5. Associate of Applied Science degree in Power Plant Technology, Montana State University-Billings.  ITEM 136-2705-R0907 | Supporting Material ITEM 136-2705-R0907

  6. Associate of Applied Science degree in Medical Billing and Coding, Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology.  ITEM 136-2853-R0907 | Supporting Material ITEM 136-2853-R0907

  7. Certificate of Applied Science in Computer Server Administration, Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology.  ITEM 136-2855-R0907 | Supporting Material ITEM 136-2855-R0907

  8. Undergraduate Honors Program, Montana Tech of The University of Montana.  ITEM 136-1503-R0907 | Supporting Material ITEM 136-1503-R0907

  9. Associate of Applied Science degree in Welding Technology, The University of Montana-Helena College of Technology. ITEM 136-1905-R0907 | Supporting Material ITEM 136-1905-R0907

10:30 AM       INFORMATION

  1. Academic Program Review reports for 2006 – 2007.
  2. Diversity Report, Montana University System – Brad Eldredge, OCHE.

  3. Indian Education for All, the tribal histories project – Ellen Swaney, OCHE.

  4. Update on Practical Nursing program at Flathead Valley Community College.

11:45 AM       CONSENT - Level I memorandum.

11:50 AM       Public Comment.