Montana State University
Ballroom A, Strand Union Building

Thursday, November 15, 2007 


  1. Revisions to Policy 801.1, Sabbatical Assignment. 
    ITEM 137-103-R1107 | Supporting Material Item 137-103-R1107

  2. Revisions to Policy 711.3, Multiyear Contracts for non-tenure-track faculty.  ITEM 137-112-R1107 | Supporting Material ITEM 137-112-R1107


Staff Items

  1. OCHE.  ITEM 137-100-R1107

  2. UM Missoula.  ITEM 137-1000-R1107

  3. MT Tech of UM.  ITEM 137-1500-R1107

  4. MSU-Bozeman.  ITEM 137-2000-R1107

  5. MSU-Billings.  ITEM 137-2700-R1107

  6. MSU-Great Falls.  ITEM 137-2850-R1107

 Labor Agreements/Other

  1. Faculty, Montana Tech of UM.  ITEM 137-109-R1107 |  Supporting Material ITEM 137-109-R1107

  2. Classified Staff, MSU-Northern.  ITEM 137-110-R1107 |Supporting Material ITEM 137-110-R1107

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